Thursday, November 10, 2016

Trump Wins.................Why??

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November 10, 2016

Can you speak to this election? What took place in the consciousness that elected Trump

The battle so strong, the fight so harsh, the struggle within survival so deep as that is what took place. The energies of power used every tool and every soul they could collect to maintain what they KNOW is undeniably unattainable. This is perfection as the tipping point came. There is but one moment left to hold on and as well there is a collective that will recognize that they must act completely as individuals of conscious to push across this finish line. So as the ‘despair’ turns individually into the rise of the collective it will be known that this was/is the LAST FIGHT for the shift in consciousness is not to come and be within any fighting it is within a surrender onto love. So many rejoiced in believing that they would SEE in the outer world a symbol of their WIN onto a new consciousness a new world in the electing of Hillary but it is not ‘seeing’ that will bring about their knowing, it is the acting upon their knowing that the female energy has entered as well as anchored onto the earth and will be seen ‘everywhere”. As you know this is not about male or female bodies, this is about male/female ENERGY of which every body holds and endeavors to marry within (or not) and the struggle to bring this consciousness forth in each humans own body is the struggle each live; their own armeggedeon.

Hillary, the SYMBOL of female energy presented herself as such within many of her words as well her history and Donald as the symbol of male energy brought about what he (many/all) might call the win as a desperation to hold onto that energy on earth. Well it is too late to carry forth that energy in any validity but the play is certainly in motion. What the consciousness spoke on Nov 8th was their last gasps of fear in their desire to retain survival because that is what he promised; that he would keep everyone ‘safe’, However survival is the final surrender all must make in order an in law to enter onto their own power. Fear not in knowing that there is NO OTHER, NO LEADER, NO OUTER FORCE that can keep one safe as humanity marches towards their own power, ‘survival’ becomes nonexistent as there is no need to look to another/the outer for safety as the creative force within steps force to guarantee that always, and in this scenario/situation/election know as well that a bear has been poked, a pot has been stirred as the female energy will indeed ‘win’ as love becomes the artillary, the force that will indeed conquer in its reign forward. You do know that ‘things are not what they seem’ as you take your focus, your POWER away from the outer world and bring forth your own knowledge, your own understanding and your own energies of the female you will ‘be in the world’ but not of it as your world is destined to be one of love and peace.

Meanwhile the universe certainly has a delirious sense of humor doesn’t it? Remember some of the attributes that are not of the feminine energies…………..Anger, sadness, hatred etc. You can be in your humanness and allow them to flow through you but in getting back onto your own design and desire to express a new consciousness, one that is easier every day to align within because IT IS HERE, allow the beauty of the world around you to flow through you and grant yourself every opportunity to express what it is you desire to view in your outer world. Remember as well things MUST be torn down in order to be rebuilt. Be it a building, a structure, or a political system.
Hold on for the ride of your life and know, just know all is well, all is perfection even when you swear of its imperfection. In a word or two FEAR NOT! That is the greatest power you hold in these upcoming moments. Hold close your knowing and wallow in peace. That is what you came to do.

You truly have one job upon the planet in this lifetime and it is to raise your vibration. NOTHING else matters and yet in so doing all things of your desires come alive. So stay calm. Keep your sense of humor and watch the show.


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