Monday, December 15, 2014

Washington State School Shooting
 In waves it seems these visions come of children killing children and within of all places that of a school where children are supposed to be safe.  What might be the message within/onto the consciousness? Could something so tragic hold meaning? Something so seemingly negative hold a positive light to it? There is no question that the pain and sadness that explodes from these episodes can be devastating and create a turning point in the lives of loved one.  Faith may be the only option to hold within such blatant seemingly nonsensical mysteries of life. It is a statement onto the masses that children should not outlive their parents like that’s a law and when this type of incident occurs parents feel helpless and perhaps hopeless.

Whatever can we do if we can’t count on our kids being safe when we send them off to school? And yet we can’t rip them from the system in order to feel safe. The consciousness of the world currently is in absolute flux. It is shifting so quickly and yet no one really sits back and attempts to analyze what is taking place even as it is happening all around them. This shift is likened onto the clearing and cleansing of energies that hold darkness onto the land. The vibration is rising very quickly in time and there are ever so many souls who have come forth to assist within this. Many volunteers have expressed desire to use their lives to assist. When planning one’s life, the last consideration of a negative event is DEATH. In planning one’s life there is no fear of death; there is no fear at all. In fact in planning one is of and in the knowing of how magnificent and beautiful to say the very least their existence is outside of a body , so the consideration that dying and returning home, back onto the beauty of all things would be a bad thing or even an unwanted occurrence is not in question. Returning home from a place of forgotten memory to the glory of incredible understanding and joy is always known before birth to be the goal or the graduation into the light and no words can ever explain and express this magnificent eventing onto the soul.

Can one EVER be safe? Well within the planning of one’s life their design trumps the idea that another can keep them safe even a parent, the one that is designated as the protector. Each soul, a sovereign being, comes aboard the planet within a blueprint, a plan of their own design and no matter how hard another tries to redesign or control them, that plan is ever-present upon them. This is a difficult notion for many to accept. It is especially hard to realize that a person of such a young age would have come to the earth only to live a short time but there is great purpose in death even those deaths that are considered to be premature; sometimes especially those deaths that are felt as premature, where it is assumed that one has not yet ‘lived’.

The children within this play where a friend shot and killed friends and even his own blood was viewed in a different light than those of other random acts; onto random others. This act was designed to bring alive within the lives that surrounded it a great and strong emission of compassion as anger in this incident was not the primary emotion. There was an explosion of great sadness mixed with compassion with more love than anger, more love than fear. It took place amongst an intimate group who knew one another in a family manner. This group was connected physically and energetically to the Native Americans who within their own lives and psychology struggle mightily to bring back their own traditions, culture and memories of living from a perspective of spirit centric meaning that they hold within their cellular structures the memories and messages of their ancestors who lived outside of survival upon a land that they KNEW would support them and so it did. The nature of the Native American is one of innate knowing that the spirit is ever-present within all situations of life even tragedies for in their philosophy tragedy is a turning rather than an occasion to stop and resist. This does not mean that there is not tremendous grieving and sorrow within this incident onto the families of all involved rather it is within their traditions that justice is lessor of an avenue they follow for the great spirit of life, the all-knowing and all loving spirit of life holds meaning even onto the death of a child.

This event is a presentation to those of the world who are drawn to its story as within it can be felt the difference it holds from other incidences of shootings within a school setting. Many events and this is one that look outwardly as so very tragic open up a wellspring of compassion. It is compassion that will eventually change the world. When the emotion of compassion outweighs the emotions of anger and fear, the consciousness will shift in one moment; one single moment.  You can liken it to the tipping point of consciousness shift. When humanity allows compassion to enter into their body taking the place of their own judgments and fear, the heart begins an expression in a vibration that is available like not before, in other words the energies of compassion/love/forgiveness etc. those of a higher spiritual nature are surrounding the globe like never before. They are MORE AVAILABLE which in nature means that they are not as difficult to strive for in terms of such a dedication. One will not be spending this lifetime in a place that shuts out the world to raise their consciousness. The world is no longer a place where one can hide easily to ‘work on their spirituality’. Misconceptions galore surround spirituality. It is quite common to believe that one must have an opinion, which are one’s judgments be they based in belief systems, history or just the idea that something of an event such as this shooting must be analyzed and held within the mind; in the minds literal area of judgments; to be deciphered according to one’s system of beliefs, preferences, comparisons etc. Within that area of the mind there is no peace. To take yourself to a place where you might feel that God has a plan and purpose in all things and layer those thoughts in compassion is a great spiritual step to take and it activates frequencies within the heart. It empowers the mind in ways you can’t imagine and it calms the body. It is a moment in which one shifts their own consciousness and the power within that moment is palpable. The earth’s consciousness is shifting and that is a fact but only through the body of her inhabitants does this take place and one by one as each take themselves from a place of fear/survival/anger and those lower frequency emotions to compassion and love in a very conscious manner do they not only shift their consciousness but to do so ‘consciously’ they open a doorway to many others. As one can consciously CHOOSE to move from fear to love they empower themselves and send forth an invite so to speak,  a silent announcement to others stating their new position in consciousness and within the minds and hearts of those that hear/feel this shift a process begins if they so choose. So it is a very real statement of truth that peace on earth begins with you and all those souls who are seemingly within the throes of injustice and tragedy, know that they have their own plan(s) and contracts with God you could say that you could not possibly understand and it is neither your place nor your job to do so. What you can do however is silence your mind of judgments and send the light of compassion their way.


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