Sunday, October 19, 2014

What Happened to Barack Obama

October 18, 2014

A headline I just saw, it asked ‘What happened to Barack Obama?

In these times so wonderful in relation to a shift in consciousness, a shift in power, what you are seeing is the absolute realization of the power that has actually and literally RULED THE WORLD; go as if insane to stop what is taking place; but they cannot. They are propagandaing, lying, creating inconsistencies, screaming from the rooftops their displeasure in what is happening; like a dying animal their wails are at a fever pitch and their energy is explosive. They (those who feel they are losing their grip upon power) meet daily, hourly with one another to strategize and emphasize their position of one that MUST hold onto the reigns of a consciousness that is ruled in fear. Fear is their fuel and their power.

Barack Obama  moves forward daily with his agenda in his hand, working diligently within the timeframe he holds to bring forth a world that is within the realm of fear, to a place of alignment  with this new consciousness. Now it may not seem he is truly a man of peace as he has lent himself to those missions that have killed and maimed those of nations where explosions in consciousness are tearing at the heart and soul of ordinary people; people who hold no political agenda, perhaps religious but they do not want to take a side or fight for any cause, they simply want to live in peace. He is currently fighting against a group, called ISIS who is heightening the fear factor around the globe. So what is really taking place? The fear energy and those who participate within it are short circuiting as they are fueled by their beliefs and energized by the numbers who come together to magnify the energy that thrives in fear. The consciousness of victim is leaving the planet and what appears as a profound picture of power over others, victimization, bullying, captivation and all other forms of holding power over others in countries of the Middle East is a playing out this business of victim consciousness which is coming to an end, even though it may appear as the opposite.

The greatest manipulation currently is within the media that delivers the messages and stories of fear. Now although purposeful, this manipulation is for the sheer purpose of saturation. Those powers who intended this deliverance of fear to the masses to maintain its hold based on fear will soon recognize that it holds an opposite effect. It is already occurring that many are simply sick of it; tired of its daily droning and are realizing that it is neither healthy nor conducive to one’s well being within upliftment. In other words people will begin to turn in droves from the ‘bad news’ for if they only knew just how many websites and news sources could be filled with the ‘good news’ upon the planet they  would immediately go where the light is. 

So in the midst of what appears to be its darkest moments where hope is waning; the greatest of light is penetrating the land and as the land becomes of light the bodies upon her that refuse to allow it into their bodies; their hearts will know great pain and suffering. As souls of earth begin to reject the dark a mass shift in consciousness occurs. THIS IS HAPPENING and although one may say how tragic this business is upon the land of the Middle East, that land was chosen to be a place, the place to be cleansed of those energies of POWER outside the self, of degradation and rejection of the female energy that is claiming the earth’s presence in power, and that land/place is displaying it’s resistance quite openly.

As the politics plays out their scenarios of who will gain in power know only and always that the result of any election within any country is the vote of the consciousness therefore predictions mean little unless one is predicting the consciousness at the moment in time when elections occur. An election that appears to uphold the old world may be the perfect set up to alleviate it or as a new energy comes forth it may be the right timing to clear the energies of old. It is within the consciousness that is moving towards the light of a new day a new world that brings about the perfection in planning. Know only that there is a vote across the globe in play currently and it is a vote in which the light will ‘win’, will prevail. Understand that the world around you is moving in the direction of light; of love and no matter what you view in terms of tragedy and injustice, horrors and sorrow it is all a part of a perfect plan in motion. It is within these times the judgments do not show a true picture in fact at times the opposite of light and love seem to be in view. This movement that you are of is very personal and it is within the awareness that one who is devoted to clearing their own lives will assist the consciousness more powerfully than if they would protest the injustices that seem to be all around although there is nothing  wrong with speaking out in protest it is simply the internal work that assists far greater than any outer stance.

Barack Obama was brought to his position by the consciousness as it demanded change. He has stood at the forefront of that change as someone who held the energy that stated this to the people of the US and the world. There were many who did not want; who do not want to change as they want to conserve the traditions and energies of an old world where the color of one’s skin separates; where the female gender is considered lessor; where the love one has for another must conform to the beliefs of old; where abortion symbolizes the demise of male dominance etc. in other words the movement of change is a movement of equality and equality has never served the energies of male domination. As this position of earth is leaving it is being fought hard.

Have no fear as fear is the greatest energy used to maintain this old world. Know only that the consciousness will prevail regardless of what it appears. These times of earth are of the most exciting and tumultuous ever for it is not simply certain areas where the changes are occurring it is global and the energy and consciousness of peace, love and equality are pushing its way to the surface although it appears the opposite.
The hatred, utter hatred for this change and shift in consciousness that is taking place is being directed towards Barack Obama by many as they require a symbol to direct their fear towards. The difficulty many have on both sides of this monumental moment in earth’s history is the position that seems necessary when one is reeling within belief and that is judgments. It is very difficult to release judgments of any kind within such a state of division but that is the surest way to hold peace for any/everybody. To recognize that perfection is in play within this ‘battle’ and decline to be a part of it, to anchor yourself within your own peace and love is the surest way to assist the consciousness into a state of upliftment and peace for YOUR peace is of the greatest assist to this movement in motion. If one could see what takes place when they CONSCOUSLY choose peace above all else they would get a glimpse of where the world is heading; where the consciousness of earth is moving towards and it is beautiful.
Play your roles, cast your ballots, get excited and know peace within the play for all else is simply the bantering of old  Even ‘fighting’ for a new world can be done within peace as resistance within any situation simply maintains/holds on to it.

Barack Obama may appear as if defeated but what one holds in intention speaks louder than any words and his intentions from the beginning have simply been to assist in the change of consciousness that is taking place.

We are well aware of the 'stories of the day' seen through the eyes of the vicitm consciousness, how the majority of the population would interpret them. I'd like to present to you the same stories as seen from the perspective of the 'creator consciousness'.