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Rembering Robin Williams

August 15, 2014


Suicide was the method he chose to leave the planet as in this greatest moment in his life, his death, by many viewed as so tragic but he simply slipped out of his body and went home. Such a BIG life he led; such a grand presenter he was. He held a prominent role upon the world stage and consciousness and there is a loss felt by those who felt his energy within the predominance of laughter.

Robin Williams entered the earth at a time in time when the world it was at its beginning stages of waking. The baby boomers seemed to be in such a state of change and excited anticipation to be a part of this great shift in consciousness. So very asleep they were but so very hopeful. The sixties were the times of the greatest generational change the world had ever seen. Traditions were about to be questioned and denied. Cultures were beginning to change rapidly in terms of time and the world was heading towards the grand outward display of separation that is in full swing at this time. Those who feel they must preserve  the status quo as it was and those who have determined they want liberation from a history that has suppressed so many; held injustice for so many and repressed women and other groups of minorities.  Both sides play their roles so perfectly at this time. The changes that mankind has seen on the earth since Robins entrance into time in the early 50’s and his exit in August of 2014 have been of the most remarkable and profound of any time period in earth’s history. He came to assist as did so many in their utter love of mankind, in a process called the Great Awakening. A process the earth is in at this time and will continue as the shift in consciousness is in currently taking place.

Robin speaks

My death assumed so tragic by many is in reality, my reality and that reality that knows that death is but a transition into another realm is completed and yet I come forward to tell you some things of my life that I now understand or perhaps I should say I remember. I entered into a family whose constitution was quite rigid. I felt often that I was born into the wrong family but now I know that was and could not be so. I planned as did you my life, my parents, my location of birth, my many associates both dear and near and even those whose lives touched mine only briefly. I planned it all in terms of every soul whose path crossed mine. It is wake up time on earth and I contributed to this moment with my career, which touched lives within a memory that I carried in my eyes.

It was no secret to the world that I was a wild child of the sixties. I dabbled to the place of addiction and what addiction was to me was my process in life to know expression and then without my crutch live that expression in a completely different energy. The ease with which my words flowed was my gift and that gift I came with was both my salvation and my great despair. To grant to others that gift of laughter began for me the brightest of moments I could ever know. To think that I was ‘responsible’ for someone to enter into that place of laughter, well there was nothing like it in terms of joy and satisfaction. I do know now that laughter is an energy of expression that stops the minds alteration within judgment and grants the body a shot in vibration of purest memory; like an effervescent shower of joy one is physically revitalized and can even know great healing within that energy, that great expression. They say, well I say that you are never closer to god in a body than when you are laughing your ass off. The feeling is of the highest physical emotion. Time literally stops in terms of aging when one is laughing. So laugh often and laugh long if you want to stay young.

I speak to your hearts this moment to relay to you certain facts or truths about my life and ask only that you think of me in terms of NOW as NOW I am in a place of unimaginable beauty and peace. I am pain free both physically as I don’t have a physical body to know pain in and mentally as again I don’t have a physical body to hold my head in my hands and feel the pain called depression that I endured for a very long time. It was my plan in life to gift others with that great expression called laughter as well my performances which spoke stories  onto the heart because it is within the heart that you will know of my soul and look to my life and death as not of sorrow but of reflection onto your own life. I was of the sameness of all. I knew hard times and joyful times but I must say that although I could grant that lightness of heart, I spent more time in the darkness of great forgetfulness; always looking for answers until the moment came when I wanted to understand myself so desperately, that I heard the voice within tell me that my time was up; that I would be introduced to a challenge that I was not going to take. That too was my plan that when I heard the final call to ‘endure’  yet another challenge, I would decline. In my final days, for some reason deep within me I was very excited. I knew what I was going to do but the excitement was something I didn’t quite understand for there were those of earth I love so dearly and that was my hesitation of course but my soul was leading me home and that was a voice I could not resist. I know now that my excitement was that I would be going home. I would be free. No more struggle or survival issues and no more self-judgment. My judgments towards myself were torture.

I would like to speak to you about suicide as it has been of such a fearful and judged and some say despicable and cowardly way to go. Well each soul on earth holds a beautiful blueprint; a plan they come onto the earth ‘with’. Suicide is a ‘method’ of death. It is sudden and shocking and leaves within its wake many who know the devastation and often guilt of the act. Suicide can be a gift one gives to those they leave behind for it can open their hearts; albeit by breaking them open and introduce them to a new way of living; a new way of thinking and believing. It often begs the question of ‘where are you now’?, “where did you go so suddenly”? Your life force could not just have ended”. And it then may take them onto a journey to gain understanding; understanding that that ‘place’ of life after death is also that same place of life before birth. That understanding or memory can awaken one to a new way of thinking. Remember that they are eternal and they are on the earth for a reason and perhaps one of the greatest reasons that the huge number of souls currently inhabits the earth is to assist in this grand awakening that is taking place. Suicide is a death of many whys and what if’s and if onlys but I would like to speak to the hearts of all who view this and let you know that my method of exiting my body allows those questions to be asked for the sole purpose of igniting the wonder and questioning of life and death and perhaps to some awaken an urgency within to gain understanding and compassion towards those in their lives who would gain much from their kindness.

Each soul upon the plane of earth is perfection; living out their own unique plan, so to judge another is quite literally a waste of time. It holds no relevance to one’s life other than to alter their own mind disallowing beauty in. My judgments were onto myself therefore I kept a huge distance from myself as well as others. I came onto the earth with a very specific desire within my plan to perform and present to others limited moments of joy through their own voice in laughter. In my death I wish to present that memory as well by transmitting my great disregard for the fear of death. Please know I am not ‘promoting’ death I’m simply stating that by releasing the fear of death one can truly live.          

A few moments on my homecoming and I will let you be. I was greeted by the most magnificent colors and sounds I have never heard in my body.  I was as if RUSHED with love. This love is like nothing of earth. It was so familiar yet so very foreign because I was used to my body taking in all the emotions I lived both good and bad and love was very good on earth but this was so beyond that. Then I realized I wasn’t IN A BODY and that rush of love turned into pure understanding. I have heard of a life reviews and part of me was very hesitant. After all I knew very well some of the shenanigans I pulled. This review did come almost immediately and it too was beautiful for all those ‘things’ I judged of myself were as if blanketed with understanding and love you could call a forgiveness I granted myself. There is no time where I dwell which is a strange concept but only in a body will you know time.  These words I give you fall short, so short in terms of relaying to you the beauty of the other side but I feel the urgency to speak to you who hear this of the fallacy of so many things and perhaps in time I will but for this moment please know that I am in peace, great peace. I fulfilled my story; I followed my plan and know so very well the struggles many face in these times on earth when the fear is pressing down upon them. If I could leave you with a word of wisdom that I have returned to I would say to you……….. be kind, just be kind. It isn’t hard to do and it could be the moment that changes one’s life and it could be the moment that changes your own life.         

In laugher you will touch yourself in a way that gives you a memory of life outside of struggle and fear and when you laugh with others you connect at the heart. So laugh often, laugh hard as it tickles your cells it can restore them to their perfection.


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