Monday, March 11, 2013

Can you tell me about the pope and what is happening there?

The covers have been ‘slipping’ off the shadows and much has been uncovered in one of the vilest of institutions that have sheltered the perps and provoked and provided the legacy of abuse within a higher order and this brings alive the sanctioning of ‘dis/non respect’ for the church. The church that deemed a man ‘super human’ as he was assigned a named called pope ‘ a perpetrator of people everywhere’ and he took upon him the cloak of pure deceit and greed for that is the basis and bias of the church. It sells salvation for a pretty price and of course that cannot be bartered for because it do exist as a product. This institution has been untouchable in history as it held within it the man/god known as a pope and the subservience resided in even those who were not of this faith for in faith one believes inherently rather than instinctively for the instincts of man are drummed right out of them as children as it was meant to be by these perpetrators of power. Those who volunteered this position of and as sense of powerless to this church, abused by this church have done so for a much greater purpose than simply their own soul’s growth, they have done so to become a part of a group who was assigned to assist in the disintegration of a false prophet perhaps the greatest of the false prophets and once the pope falls the church begins its crumbling and once this church begins to crumble it will be as a house of cards that falls until each one gives way to the human evolution onto ‘self’. It WILL be known in your lifetime as it seems almost impossible; it shall be of such a quickening you will not be surprised but the world at large will know the chaos of standing alone with no more a dependency onto god as many will see it and many will determine they cannot sustain and live as they associated religion exclusively with god. As you know the greatest and greediest corporation on the planet; that of religion as salvation has been their product which cost nothing to manufacturer yet was priced very high onto the hearts and souls of humanity. What people were paying for was an emotion of safety/security/righteousness which is a position of great judgments onto others and there is not a living creature; not a pope and priest a minister or any other named ‘holy one’ who can grant another their salvation for that word is of a lower form, a lower energy as it is not even a word within the reality of god. God does't SAVE anyone; as all are perfection to behold within the eyes of god and it is a moment in time when others will either turn inward and end their judgments onto the world at large or and especially onto themselves and dig into the treasures of their own souls and lives and hearts and bring forth a joy that god aligns with. No one need walk into a church, listen to a speech, read a book or perform any other ritualistic act to come into favor with a god who knows only love even and especially to those mouthpieces of god who proclaim man as sinners. That is another concept that is relayed and played in fear in order to hold man within a state of bondage/subservience and to maintain paying customers. Like the 100th monkey concept as enough souls enter onto the truth there will be an awakening so immeasurably immense that as if overnight this shift in a religious status will bring the false prophets to their knees and in droves they will be put out of their positions and powers. Exciting times ahead; incredible changes as promised. The awakening is at hand and in order to keep mankind within their bondage and state of subservience, the corporations of limitation and falsehoods known as religion must fail; must be deflated and as this takes place throughout the planet a new type of worship will begin. One that the prophets spoke of; one of love and honoring onto others; one of the spirit of oneness. The places of worship will become houses of god unlike their history as man will band together to do gods work as each soul is of the love of god it will be of great joy to do gods bidding on earth and assist those whose hearts need healing, assist those whose luck has seemingly run out; those of less fortune will be cared for in love and gods light will shine through the houses of worship that they were meant to be built for. There will be no more the rants of the actors on stage brazenly speaking for god the words that suit their needs. They know little of love many only know the ego preaching. Those whose hearts are pure will rise again to speak to the hearts of gods love and religion will be no longer a pathway to god but rather the worshiping of gods’ love will invoke this love within to allow all their own freedom of expression. The church and the power of those religions of the world have had their day. What is waking upon the land is the hearts that swell in desire to know a god of love who judges not; who could never know anger onto his children. Religions of the world have promoted fear when god knows only love and they have profited mightily along the way. Their days are numbered and as this pope is but the first to fall; he shall not be the last for god is rising within the hearts of mankind and in power and love will reform this corrupt institution/corporation called religion to allow the god of all to shine through each in their equality and direct avenue to god. Religion said one must go through their institute to know god. God says to know love is to know me and you will find me alive and well within your heart and the hearts of all. Look for god in others and know god within yourself. No building, church, religion, preacher, rabbi or any self-proclaimed holy one including the pope can give to you what is already yours and that is God’s love for it is yours merely by your creation and presence in this world you already hold this love. Your expression is your individual mark of god upon the earth and since god doesn't judge……………… need for you to.
We are well aware of the 'stories of the day' seen through the eyes of the vicitm consciousness, how the majority of the population would interpret them. I'd like to present to you the same stories as seen from the perspective of the 'creator consciousness'.