Sunday, July 29, 2012

December 21, 2012

In resonance you hold memories with those others of your intention yet you could be miles apart within the outer world. That is something to recognize clearly within these coming times for there need not be any outer recognition towards anyone who holds the same intent. They could appear as total opposites within politics/beliefs/physicality and/or response to the many situations to come and yet they have dedicated their lives to be standing in the midst of this moment when the structure of an entire reality falls apart/crumbles beneath the feet of those who have held it so dearly as being their identity.


What can you tell me in terms of everyday life? Will whatever happens effect everyone on earth. Will we see a difference the day after Dec 12, 2012?

This date was determined as the day the split, the shift will occur or rather will be announced onto the souls of every human upon the planet. It will be from that day forward that a determination or decision is to or can be made by all. A decision to renew consciousness or to attempt to hold onto one that has held mankind separated from living from the heart. For many it will be business as usual since they have already made their choice to release the history they were born with; a history carried within their cells that has been their initial/instinctual motivation in life/living. Once the marker of 12/21/12 has passed each human comes face to face with their belief system within a choice to maintain it/hold it or reconstruct/reconsider a new way of living. A sweeping wind blows across the planet wiping out structures of all sorts. It will not be physical (although that may be the case in some instances) rather it will be as if the rug was pulled from underneath all who have held onto their religion, their politics their societal beliefs that deny the perfection and beauty of all souls regardless of ones gender, race, religion/politics or sexual orientation for these simple world/cultural separators have led the way for mankind to be locked within a consciousness that maintained the divisions that did not allow the adoration of self to be a part of this planets consciousness. It will feel as though all motivation to uphold these beliefs will be removed and one will need to determine who they think themselves to be since these basic tenants of the consciousness have been so ingrained within. Even those who do not postulate their views will feel their release. When one identifies/over identifies with a belief system they are not able to become introspective since they do not feel the need to. They believe their beliefs are who they are and in holding to beliefs that no longer hold the energy or motivation behind them, their identity is shaken to its core. The date of 12/21/12 will begin rude awakenings based on how one sees themself.

Along the marker/trail/belief in linear time, years have been progressing in numbers. In other words when you were living in a year called 2004 what turned into 2005 was a marker in consciousness. One may say how absurd. It was a twelve month period of days and months that turned 2004 into 2005 but in reality it was a consciousness that shifted as designed that turned those years. The days/weeks/months were brought forth according to consciousness rather than time for time only exists within the human biology and nowhere else. Many feel as though time is speeding up but truly the consciousness is moving faster, changing quicker and what is happening within human biology is the consciousness has been rising which allows for this moment to come called 12/21/12 when a tipping point occurs which make a break from an old consciousness. Enough people will have decided, either consciously or unconsciously that they AGREE to this next step in the evolution of humanity and when that happens that date will occur. It is close as you can image, very close. Now this is not a moment that will be a surprise to the world where outwardly things will change but inwardly EVERYTHING will be different. Long held belief systems will have crumbled. Structures and foundations for all things built within a consciousness and belief system of separation will be unsupported thus flounder and collapse. Millions of workers towards this goal, who came to the planet for this purpose have been working for a time, some decades releasing their histories, their belief systems, their identities within fear and will pass this marker unnoticing except for the excitement that will permeate their being.

When a belief system is removed one must either acquiesce to this or in claiming a belief system as their identity feel its loss greatly. Loss of identity will create chaos and panic on an individual basis. Some will not allow this ‘DE identification’ to occur and will leave. Others will fight to a finish called surrender; some will gladly leave behind an identity that is false onto their heart. It will be played out in as many ways as there are people for it is absolutely individual. Over the last 7 decades this breaking down of belief systems of separation has been occurring and as stated when the tipping point occurs the date will show up and the new consciousness will be established in the midst of an old one falling. For instance if one has been so identified with their religion within the beliefs of that religion that denies love unconditional or it holds ‘power’ through drawing it from others, that identity will no longer hold strength or sway within their mind thus they will not have any energy behind their words, no support onto their rhetoric if it does not resonate in the new consciousness.

One cannot continue to motivate in any area of their life where motivation has been removed. It will be very unsettling for many who have lived and counted on the structures of their lives to uphold who they believe they are. This date within time has been approaching for a 'long time' as the consciousness has been changing so dramatically in such a short period of time. Not so long ago an entire belief system collapsed within 72 hours when Communism fell. That is what you can expect; a collapse of systems. The world did not fall apart when that government diminished in fact many knew joy in its demise. Many who read this will know exactly their position for their belief systems and foundations of old/histories have been collapsing upon them for a long time and THAT is the assistance they have been giving to this consciousness shift. Each time one person lets go their history they send out a signaling onto the consciousness and it strengthens within reality; it becomes stronger onto the planet. So in wondering what exactly will take place on December 21, 2012 you may know that truly a world will end; not THE world but A world that has been the foundation of separation and within its crumbling a new paradigm will rise up and permeate the land.

Certain things will not be able to exist as before and one most prominent system that will go and leave many almost terrified in their day to day is ‘greed’ for greed has been a factor ever-present in the belief of safety and security outside the self. It denies the oneness of all and it plays to the fears that have created the collapse of a monetary system. As it has been faltering for  those who hold it so tightly this release is causing panic and many feel they will lose their safety, their power so they have made great effort to maintain their hold on the greatest symbol of security on the planet…………….money. When the consciousness is no longer motivated by money the world as it has been will collapse and a higher motivation will enter. The motivation for money is fear based as it states that to be safe one must garner money/material possessions.

New motivative factors will take precedence over safety.  One’s joy will be of great value thus the symbol ($) of that value will be created in one’s life. Beliefs will fall flat when it comes to one’s history about money. Money has been the dirty little secret in terms of what one feels deeply about their life choices. To betray oneself daily for that symbol will be a thing of the past; a thing of an old world. The chaos that ensues when one decides their joy is priority will be a great delight to many and a great threat to others.

Things will take place internally when it comes to the shift in belief systems and yet the outer world must reflect. This has been coming forth for 7 decades but on that date in time; within that foretold moment the shift will have occurred and the majority will set the stage for a collapse, an internal collapse of systems within every man woman and child upon the planet and a new day begins. One’s DNA will change; fear will lose its power and since most are motivated in the fear that was inherited onto them they will feel life completely differently and new choices will be made.

So to be sure 12/21/12 will be here before you know it. The consciousness of humanity, of the planet has been creating that moment for a long time in time. Each soul knows of that date which is symbolic of the moment in time when the determination has been made. It took/takes 144,000 (units) to agree to this moment, this new consciousness to ignite the date. Not 144,000 people but units. One unit may be one person or it could be 2000. These souls had contracted to be the bringers of dawn to the planet and chances are you are one of them.


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Scott Rabalais said...

Bravo! Music to my eyes and ears!

We are well aware of the 'stories of the day' seen through the eyes of the vicitm consciousness, how the majority of the population would interpret them. I'd like to present to you the same stories as seen from the perspective of the 'creator consciousness'.