Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Reality of your Birth

The situations that cross your awareness within the view from the outer perspective are and have been the display that continues to distract from the soul. You came into a world of distractions as planned as part of a grand plan to filter through all that which you bring to yourself to view it in a manner that speaks only the words YOU ARE THE CREATOR of ALL THAT YOU BRING INTO Y OUR AWARENESS. Now the collective awareness is greatly created/manipulated by those who are aware of this knowing that they are the creator. For millennium it was held open only onto a few whose intent was within a consciousness they created. One in/of which was formed firstly by male energies and secondly within the scope of power and control. Knowing that they are creators, a group of creator’s (conscious) brought alive a reality; a coheased reality that overlaid a world. The tenants of that reality were designed by this group whose power was the same as everyone’s but they were simply AWARE of it and in numbers those of awareness built an empire, a reality, a world in which they dominated those that held no notion at all as to their power. In building this reality they simply manipulated a way in which others would give to them their power, overlaying it onto money and position and material promise until it came to the place where this group held so much power from their knowing and from that which they garnered from others that the reality was set. They could and did change world events, created wars and countries, manipulated currencies, created laws, brought forth politicians and governments all based on the creative force within them in conscious awareness to this power/force and joining with a few others to collect as much of this energy that others were willing to give them in order to survive. They created a fearful basis/based reality in which one was willing to give power for safety. It was genius. The power each holds is unbelievable to the human mind and if they are unaware of it they can easily be manipulated to grant it to another in exchange for the simplest of returns, the promise of safety/survival and happiness when if they would awake to this power within there would be no need to ever request from the outside world those things or ‘any’ things. So then a group who was awake and aware to the human potential within devised their plan to garner this power with simple promises and lead the world into a new reality that was of utmost benefit to them as they could simply revel upon a beautiful planet within the energy of the greatest emotions/feelings known to human beings……………..that of power
It was easy to maintain their position. They promoted every avenue possible that held humanity in the dark regarding the power within. Religion was the grandest of their allies in this mission and they didn’t even need to do anything in that regard. By the billions people granted their power away to a god outside themselves. They gave their power daily to their jobs and superiors. Woman lovingly granted males their power as the reality promoted. Power was similarly given to substances called addictions both of the physical and the mind. It was a magnificent reality that was never questioned and there was enough joy and excitement promised and often felt to keep it afloat.
The world was mired in this reality it was not questioned for many hundreds of years. It was not recognized that there was a completely different reality on the planet before the secrets of power within were given over 2000 years ago…….but that’s another story.
The decree was sent forth from the other side of the veil that this reality was to change and just as it had been created slowly over time by each individual who had participated and agreed to it, it would end perhaps not so slowly but nevertheless it would end from an individual awareness and shift.
Those that wrote the story of reality; that formed a worldwide group that maintained it had been for centuries incarnating back into the same families and positions to hold it in place. Now this knowledge of the power within that this group held was laced with many attributes that were of a selfish and power hungry notion as that was their free will in display and it is so that when one KNOWS of their power they can CREATE most powerfully especially if this awareness is compounded in unity with others. So a reality was set, positions were established, the world went forth to create within the boundaries of forgetfulness onto the individuals true nature and the illusions were maintained as safety and security were the motivations in each culture established. The foundations of each culture was firstly to survive but creative energies endured to bring about a world of great diversity and beauty along with great oppression and hardship all within the guise of a powerless human who must join a culture, a group in order to survive and that has been the reality of your birth. One of survival.
But the clock was ticking on this reality. It was decreed that it would shift as the awakening of memory within each was set to begin. The group who had run the world, it’s nations and economy were destined to reveal or release itself from their position because if individual power was to awaken this group would simply become unable to control others who could access the power they had ruled with, a power that is untouchable by others, a power that created a collective reality by a handful of men. This shift decreed began within a time of great calm after a casualty of war and inhumanity had reached a place and point of inevitably, a place of worldwide distress. The great bombings onto the nation of Japan was the tipping point of a reality that announced it would do anything/everything it would take to maintain the power of the reality that was built to promote and expand power across the globe by the few who were aware of real power; power that lives within the human body, within each human body. That power is so inherently alive and magnificent and yet it can be completely denied as it is simply give over to the reality of one’s birth, one’s many lifetimes and histories and cellular limitations created along the way.
The great power within each individual can be seen and recognized by their individuality because humans create continuously, they simply don’t realize this power. For the most part they create within the forgot memories of their own power and that is what is changing. When a soul in human form/disguise begins to remember themselves and walk out of a ‘reality’, a door is left open for others to walk through and it is those first responders, those way showers, those lightworkers who in design and plan have volunteered to come forward and begin to remember. They don’t need to form armies or alliances or even speak their knowing they simply need to remember and live upon the land for the land takes that knowledge, that energy and the soil expands it in a way unexplainable to the human mind but the living earth knows ‘who knows’ and reacts thus laying a new foundation across her own body.

So the reality of your birth will not be the reality of your death as your presence upon the earth has changed her dramatically. There is a grand shift happening before your very eyes, a shift of reality. There is great fear showing itself in mass consciousness but the many who have begun to usher in this new realty don’t feel it. They have done their time in fear for years even decades,(some less) and they simply stand upon the earth HOLDING a new reality. This known as the rapture is a state of expression where two people can stand side by side in very different realities and yet this has always been but the difference is that the reality of fear is becoming overshadowed by the reality of love. Those of fear simply don’t understand their own power and believe power derives from outside/other’s influences. They are losing a control they never really had but through the acquiescence of others and those ‘others’ are now bringing their power forth as a sacred ingredient in their humanity. The fight is upon you, the Armageddon is here and it will be between those who fight and those who stand in peace holding open their hearts and arms onto those who are scared out of their wits by what they see as a reality, a world going crazy. They don’t realize that it doesn’t need any longer to be ‘their world’ they can feed it no more energy/power and begin a new within their lives. They can enter a new reality a world where the power of love is the leading force within their lives. It is crunch time out there in the world where the choice becomes clearer every day. Choose fear or choose love. Choose old or new. Choose joy or chaos, choose freedom or history. Choose yourself for in that choice you include all others in a compassion that will accelerate this process. Compassion is a fuel that drives this new reality as it opens the heart in understanding that all are here for their own reasons, judgment is a bitter spice no longer needed in one’s creative tool box.
The universe exalts this process and YOU for you are the process. You are so treasured for your very existence as you knew what you were in for in a sense but it has been a process that has far surpassed expectations. It is free will bowing to pure love with no hesitation and for that you are incredibly honored. It is this now moment expanding into forever as the reality of your birth becomes a reality you have created in remembrance to the power within you, a power that can create an entire world. It is beyond your comprehension what you have accomplished and can accomplish in waking to the memories of yourself, your soul, your beauty and POWER. It is no longer a time for the fear that has lived you to maintain. It is over that reality of your birth as you go forth within the meekness of your memories to inherit the earth; to inherit an earth that will sparkle within the universe as your very presence upon her has changed her. It is the very beginning of a reality that you have assisted in ushering in. it is YOUR TIME to shine as you have literally done your work it is time for you to play upon a beautiful planet you might even say you saved.
We are well aware of the 'stories of the day' seen through the eyes of the vicitm consciousness, how the majority of the population would interpret them. I'd like to present to you the same stories as seen from the perspective of the 'creator consciousness'.