Thursday, December 10, 2009

Beautiful Light in the Sky

December 10, 2009

What was the blue spiral in Norway………….
The colors were of silver and blue. Those colors represent/present expectancy. That sight carried no fear, no fearful messages, energies or presentations. It was magnificent in sight and exciting in view. This was of timing perfection as it was a show of peace in the midst of a show of peace as the prize of peace was being presented and the opposition to peace was being launched. Anything of opposition to the peace that tries to maintain within the earth’s atmosphere will be destroyed and the light of that destruction will shine brightly. Although this can be ‘explained’ away by some it is purely the denial of what that beautiful light really spoke.

Those who long for the connection to home en mass and in strength have called for the ‘signs’ and that was assuredly one.. It stepped out of another dimension which is where those ships and brothers/sisters reside and spoke to the heart of those who expected and it trailed off into the distance once again leaving behind a great open door. In appearance it was nothing at all like the mental concepts of ships or ufos’ rather it was a daring representation onto the memory, the heart the connection held to this other dimension, not unlike the formations on the ground called crop circles. Each who view those circles receive a message as well an ignition onto the cells of their bodies that allow an expansion within the mind. This blue spiral was a gift onto the memory of those who expected a grand sight from the skies; a sight that would confirm to them that they are not alone and are supported. It was destined that at this time of the beginning of no time a sign from the heavens would speak as a reassurance that all is moving in that direction and place of peace for the workers of light and those whose mission on earth is to herald in the language of peace knew within their cells of an accommodation a ‘sign’ if you will that all is well and on target. Ironically the view of earth at this time within the mind of man is mostly not of peace but be assured that direction is very much in motion.

Within all the expectations of a ‘massive landing’ is the memory, the remembrance that from the skies the signs will be that there; signs that a massive support system is present and this support speaks to the cells of humanity within this showing. This is not something that can be explained as could the star that shown itself at the coming of Christ on earth and it will be viewed as a non issue or ignored mainly by those who hold no memory or little memory of their position within the upgrading of the earth’s frequency. Many have come to hold the old world until the very end, the end of time. We are entering the end of time in a very ‘quick’ manner. The shift into timelessness will take place when 71% of earth’s inhabitants holds some degree of timelessness within their cells, The remainder will be those “twinklings of an eye” who will within a moment release time and for many of those it will be rough going because their resistance momentum will be reversed and ripped from them instantaneously and as time releases from the planet through her inhabitants bodies there will be a beginning; an entrance onto that new world. This sign is but the beginning of the sight of many ‘unnatural/unexplainable’ events. These happenings will bring excitement to many, wonder to others, nonchalance and ambivalence to the skeptics but not fear because they are wrapped within the ribbons of remembrance, the excitement of waking and the love of those who are here among and above. They are here to assist, they are reminding of this and they will bring more beauty from the skies but not intrusion; simply a show of love that will be recognized as in remembered.

No need to try to figure things out or understand or learn. It is now simply a time to remember and trust in the most powerful element of your physical existence, your emotions. They will speak to you the truth, they will speak of the love that exists ‘out there’ and they will call you to recognize that those feelings so powerful come from within and that is where you will connect with those whose light is shining from the skies. They are your brothers, your sisters your family your self.
Look to the skies there is more to come.

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