Thursday, November 26, 2009

Insurance: An Industry of Fear

On a recent vacation I hurt my foot climbing. My daughters insisted I go to the emergency room because it looked infected. I normally do not go to doctors, haven't for years. I did so mostly so they would stop bugging me. A few weeks later when the bill came I was astounded and pissed off. I guess I have been out of the insurance loop for a long time and thought this was quite outrageous. I spent a couple days angry and decided I would write to get a perspective. (I'm over it)

The setting is in place for the country to view with a great interest an industry that has not been held accountable in any fashion since its inception. It began as something that would provide and promote safety, security and peace of mind. It was seen as a ‘partner’ that granted a great amount of relief from dangers and damages, accidents to be sure, at a fair and minimal price thus in the beginning this industry was a win win for the brokers as well the clients. It has over the last decades grown proportionally with the fear that has been rising within the consciousness.

What once was seen s a benign institution has become a source of greed, abuse and scare tactics and is fighting for its life. It is quite symbolic of the fear that is fighting for its life within a consciousness that claims fear to be among other things a barrier to the memory of the creator all are.

The insurance companies began with a basic tenant to assist homeowners from loss, widows and children from poverty and the population at large from calamities of many sorts. It grew and sprang forth it’s immensity within a consciousness that says ‘of course there are accidents’, ‘of course there are victims’ of course bad things happen that I have no control over’. That is the consciousness of the birth and growth of the insurance industry and even today the majority concur that those accidents/events of danger and sickness are totally outside of their power to create or correct so they must look to the protections in the outer world The insurance companies assure and insure that consciousness, a consciousness of fear and victimhood and as the awareness of this consciousness is being presented so too is the awareness of the moral bankruptcy, greed and absurdity within the industry that is at the forefront of these debates that include the health industry as well the bailouts that have created such a stir within a consciousness that is moving from victimization to recognition of the creator within.

This insurance industry within its immense growth offered a literal ‘belief system’ to the masses and government was included. The belief that one requires outside protections from their own creations is not a current belief system. The current consciousness does not hold that each and every soul create their ‘everything’ The current consciousness’’ holds a belief system that the need for insurance is mandatory and the laws of the land have validated that belief. Besides the truth is that a creator who creates disaster also creates the policy that will assist in the aftermath of their own creations which seems quite reasonable.

Symbols, like insurance that become wrapped in belief systems become very powerful and the industry has taken itself to it’s height in power to begin a dismantling. The insurance industry is a symbol of fear, it is a symbol of powerlessness/victimization and greed. It is a symbol of the consciousness that has been hidden for millennium. What began as an institution to help humanity within a margin of profit moved towards an unabashed system of disregard for mankind as the eye on dollars overshadowed its original purpose. It was an easy ride that became easier as markets and corporations were deregulated and allowed to run amuck at the expense of customers. It was as all things a set up of the consciousness to allow this industry of great fear and victimization to have a light shined upon it.

So as one awakens to their own power should they simply cancel all policies and realize they create it all…………the good the bad and the ‘incidents that require a call to their insurance company or healthcare providers’? Firstly by law, the laws of man, you are not allowed to cancel policies. The insurance experience has been inbred within a belief system to maintain your position within the ranks of the ‘insured’. You must have car insurance and homeowners and health in many instances but that does not mean you need to give power to this institution by fighting for or against it. The power you hold can allow you to simply detach from it and watch the consciousness play out. The basis for its power is falling apart as it is being uncovered and viewed as literally a ‘killer’ to those who in faith hold it yet are denied it’s benefits.

This topic is at the forefront of the debate of an issue that is being offered to the public for their input, their opinion their beliefs. To recognize that insurance is merely a topic/symbol of an old consciousness within the vibration of victimization allows you to understand your own position within victimhood. It is far easier to detach from that symbol in understanding of its purpose within a consciousness especially if you recognize yourself as the creator of your ENTIRE LIFE and do not fear your creations.

You are moving from victim consciousness to ‘creator consciousness’ and in viewing the symbols of an old world you can simply detach from the world and institutions of fear by withdrawing your attention, your distrust and your anger.

Although these words are attributed to the authority of a religion, this statement is profound in releasing a consciousness.
“Render unto Caesar the things which are Caesars, and unto God the things that are God’s”

The laws of the land (Caesar) require you to hold this symbol for your security and the profits of an industry therefore do so because to fight this would enlarge its presence in your life, but render unto God (you) those things of your knowing………..that YOU are the power within those creations of your life and you need not fear for your safety, your security your survival”. You are walking in two worlds at this time and to be aware of both greatly enhances your walk within the light as you resist nothing that presents itself to you. The power within a place of non resistance is greater than you can imagine. It allows your consciousness to be open to high vibrational thoughts and understandings that will display in your outer world.


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Grace said...

Thank you for this article, Kathleen -- I have been feeling this way about insurance for a long time now, but seemed to be the only one who saw this aspect of it. You have articulated it so well...what a relief to know that I'm sane!


We are well aware of the 'stories of the day' seen through the eyes of the vicitm consciousness, how the majority of the population would interpret them. I'd like to present to you the same stories as seen from the perspective of the 'creator consciousness'.