Monday, November 2, 2009

Are Spacecrafts and ETs Coming?

November 1, 2009

In many of the channelled articles I’ve read lately, there is alot said about landings or the appearance of space ships . Can you give me information about that?

In time memoriam there has always been the urge or even urgency for a savior to come forth to regain and reclaim the beauty of life and as you well know in this now in time it would seem the earth is very much in need of a savior. The latest disciples of desire to be uplifted look towards the heavens to bring forth that savior. For those who hold memory of life beyond this reality, the ETs and the spiritual masters form the group most likely to be the one(s) to come forward en mass and uplift mankind, however that is the opposite of what in planning is in store for the world for that would be a bold and mass intrusion onto the very reason many came onto this planet. These ships that are spoken of certainly exist and it is not that ‘they will appear’ rather it is that they will be recognized as family when/as the frequency of one can attest to their presence, can see/know/recognize them within their own volition. The phrase believing is seeing as opposed to seeing is believing is in play within these sighting expected. It would be against universal law for a mass landing to take place: it would be the greatest abhorrence onto a world and reality for a frequency to simply bust through and into a world at this time. The longing to bring memory of another world into this one, into earth’s field is quite understandable because of the proximity so many are to the upliftment of their own frequency and it is because of that proximity that the memories call for the ripping of the fabric of one reality to expose onto it another. In other words what would take place if massive sightings occurred and ETs stepped forth would be counterproductive onto the purpose many souls came onto the earth. It would release fear and provoke panic and death as many would choose to die or go into a self induced state of detachment from the world thus denying them their very purpose in this lifetime to essentially through free will change their own vibration to allow reality to be expanded. It is nowhere near in time a time when reality will be forced upon humanity as that has already occurred many millennium ago when fear was brought forth and onto the emotional bodies of planet earth’s inhabitants. It is however in time very near for those who have uplifted their own vibration to take steps and measures to touch other realities on a massive scale but that is very different than reality being forced upon the planet.

What will take place is a splitting of reality and that is occurring and that is becoming more and more obvious and within that splitting upgrades onto one’s vibration occurs. The foretelling of a ‘rapture’ somewhat explains what is to take place, what is currently taking place. There is in process/progress a splitting of humanity currently as side by side will be the various vibrations working, playing, praying, fighting, displaying every attitude and adventure possible. As those who CHOOSE a higher vibration grow in numbers, those who do not will still be allowed to express. They will definitely be exposed to the choosing however never will they be forced. It is within the plan of the ages to bring onto the planet the OPPORTUNITY for all to choose their position, their frequency, and their vibration OR to reject it. That is free will. That is the law of this planet. That is the meaning of the rapture, for many will be spirited up and away onto a new reality but it will be ‘within’ as they will physically maintain their station, their bodies and positions on earth. They will be felt as different, they will literally become lighter of body but they will not vanish into the sky. They will look to the sky perhaps in longing as they bring forth memory of themselves and their resonance with other beings of other realities. They will be purged of fear for the most part and will be looked to in attraction by those who hold the fear they so long to release. They may even BE feared at times for their energy is so high frequencies it rubs fear the wrong way, it simply allows fear to be surfaced. Fear must be surfaced in order and law for it to be released as it must be revealed and acknowledged consciously. So if one is of a high vibration standing next to one who is filled with fear, the fear may simply be rattled as it is being called forth for it’s recognition into release.

The earth holds a very high vibrational figurehead at this time and he is causing quite a disturbance as fear is claiming its voice against him. This is not necessarily a challenge to the president rather it is a challenge to the voices of fear since a motion has already been set and it will not be retracted. The earth is simply moving towards a vibration of love and the love vibration doesn’t necessarily look like hearts and rainbows all the time. It is a powerful denial of fear thus it does not ‘fight’ fear it simply acknowledges it. When you see certain fearful elements shouting their denunciations of Barack Obama, one might wonder ‘why doesn’t he fight back’? He simply does not relate to that vibration. Picture a group of children playing a game of tug of war and one side decides they want to put down the rope whilst the other side is hell bent on winning the game. They scream and shout their protests. “You can’t do that” they holler. They want to maintain their position of polarity. Win/loose good/bad etc. Polarity mindset is leaving the reality of so many thus it is impossible to ‘fight back’ in the same manner, but rest assured there is no ‘lying down’ when it comes to this frequency of love that is expanding upon the earth. When one upgrades so to speak they become much more of an observer onto the consciousness as it is shifting and judgments loose potency to them. They become the silent mandate of change within thus without.

So what a higher frequency resonates to is simply higher frequencies of which the ships represent. Many have become aligned with the memory of the ships of their partners in another reality who assist from another realm and they may even hold a higher frequency optic nerve that allows the view of this reality that exists but it something that will take place from one’s frequency not onto one’s reality. There will be quite the stories upcoming as many have elevated themselves to bring into their reality the phenomenon of these beautiful ships but again that is based on the individual’s frequency as well as planning and what is meant by planning is that each soul of the earth holds their very own specific plan to bring TO THEM something that their soul their higher self deems important to their growth in frequency. No two individuals are alike, no two plans are the same and no mass landing will occur. There will be based upon one’s planning certain groups who will hold viewings, there will be individuals who have and will know contact and there will be a greater frequency of this occurring. There are those of a highest order and frequency who have never known contact or even evidence of any kind within the realm of the ships but that would again be their own planning. There is no savior from outside the self that will show up and save the world. That is the process each soul is taking on in this now of earth, the process of recognizing that their ‘savior lives within’, their godself is alive and well awaiting recognition and 'within' is the roadway to the higher frequency that is sought.


Dammerung said...

Yet more Barack Obama Bullshit! It sets me off every time. Oh, he doesn't fight back against denunciations because he's vibrating on a higher wavelength! Of course! And for all those victims of Predator drones in Pakistan and Afghanistan, well, they're more like insects than human beings when it comes to vibration so THEIR denunciations of Obama hardly matter.

Obama's detractors aren't Fox News and the conservators. Obama's detractors are the fighters in Iraq and Pakistan and Afghanistan trying to free their nations from foreign occupation and terrorism.

CC Fan said...

Holy ballsack Mr Dam,
You sound like an awfully angry person... shooting your negative vibes right into my face.
If I were sitting right next to you I'd hold you in my arms until your pain subsided.

I love you Dammerung.
And I love too Creator Consciousness.
Keep on keep keepin on.

Mr Dammerung if I were at a karaoke bar together I'd sing a song especially dedicated to you. It would go like this:
"No one else can make me feel the colors that you bring.
Stay with me while we grow old and we will live each day in the la la la laaaaa"

2020a said...

Wonderful article. There are more and more of our global population who are questioning when full disclosure is going to happen. *Namaste.*

We are well aware of the 'stories of the day' seen through the eyes of the vicitm consciousness, how the majority of the population would interpret them. I'd like to present to you the same stories as seen from the perspective of the 'creator consciousness'.