Saturday, August 22, 2009

Healthcare ~ What's going on?

The explosion of this issue in terms of the fight against it is uproariously ascending onto those whose symbolism of healthcare is being rattled and what that means is that the whole issue is one in which 'oneness' is being brought forth. The truth of life itself is that we are all one, we are all equal, we are all beloved children of the creator and the issue of granting ALL the sameness in terms of the ability to proceed through life healthy and happy in one’s divine planning is being presented in the form of a symbol called 'healthcare'. Now the president has not one moment of doubt regarding the truth of this planning to equalize that which has been so divisive in terms of the 'have and have nots'. It is the 'poor' the ethnic the women who have been symbolically lacking the fruits of a system that the privileged have coveted and it is their voice saying 'leave my current status quo alone'. You hear them voice “I am fine with my healthcare” but what they say is do not disrupt the system whereby the white men who own the companies that profit from the people who believe they are being cared for, absconding with money daily to use that money as in history to build their power and continue to reflect the current reality.......But what they really say is ‘Do not change this reality”. Those who oppose the ‘public option’ want to keep a reality as is and even logic won't sway those who want to continue to 'try' to conserve a reality that is falling before them. Ironically some of the best healthcare is given to the poor, the ethnic the women who cannot afford to make payments to gain it and it is served to them through laws that were established BY those greed mongers whose medicines are bought and paid for by taxes that come from those who can’t understand the system but just want it to maintain; the very voices that continue to support them are paying for it. Those who scream their desire to maintain current reality within this issue are being used and literally abused within a system that often will not support them when it is needed. They are using this healthcare issue to maintain their position AS conservatives, and the voices that prod them promise them a return to a time and place where white superiority was en vogue, when capitalism was a name for those who played the game in a very unethical manner and have squashed the 'little guy' at every availability. The words and the voices of those wanting to conserve/preserve a reality are loud if not screaming for their cause. There is much underlying racism within this battle for equality although pronounced is a very frightening thing for those who believe that oneness is a joke; that believe to uplift another is to downgrade themselves. One doesn't even have to be 'white' to feel that position that this country began with they need only feel that they are superior to another race, class, gender, ethnicity or age and each has to ask themselves if this is so because outwardly many would deny their innermost beliefs. These are amazing times as those who have felt powerless are calling forth their power which in turn becomes a given in equality and others who feel this rush of reality fight hard to maintain a power/superiority over others that they feel is their right. Feeling the slightest emotion of others having servitude towards you is an emotion to recon with as it is a statement onto a neighbor, employee, waiter, partner or any other relationship even and especially over children that says “we are not even” and this attitude is being challenged by the energies of this new day. It is a connection in inequality that must be dealt with by all of earth for it is a falseness that has maintained separation as the basic tenant of this reality. Many lifetimes have been lived by most all living today on earth in many positions from the lowliest to the highest. Each has known the falseness of a world where the outer has dictated their worth and their place in the world. The truth of course is that all are equal to the creator, playing their roles and positions for the sake of their souls journey and evolution. Even the 'bad guys' of the world have great purpose and plan as they are often presenters to the story of mankind’s evolution. So in terms of this healthcare issue which brings up such emotion, it is illogical that those who have the most to loose are fighting against themselves to maintain the current system when in reality they are in the midst of their own emotions that says "I want to maintain this world this system whereby my interests serve me so I will not acquiesce to others". The anger 'out there' speaks of the panic that is felt as at a cellular level as it is known by ALL that this world is changing faster than the media can keep up with it and for those who fight this change in their opposition to the memory of 'oneness' it is their swan song in progress as Obama does indeed have a plan that is in perfect order playing out as designed. The 'oneness' as it can be called can only be entered into as ALL PREDEJUCES ARE GONE and nothing can be 'gone' from the body, the emotional body of a human unless it is acknowledged and that is what is being seen across the streets and screens of tv. It is the acknowledgment of one's own personal beliefs as the characters on screen and radio present to the viewers/listeners those beliefs that each has a chance to agree with or reject and as one recognizes their beliefs they hold them in one of two manners. Either in peace or in fear and anger is the product of that fear. At this time it rises within the belly and it is presenting itself for one of two reactions. It comes forth for transmuting or it holds it’s position and in holding onto fear one will find much distress and anguish. This world IS entering into oneness. It will not be stopped and what you are seeing is the upsurge of those who believe they can return to a time that was of illusion. They are angry at what they see as a changing world. They are angry at what they see as someone not acceptable to them as equal holding the highest office in the world. They see president Obama as destroying their reality and they fight hard to preserve/conserve it. The millions who watch this play grant themselves the opportunity to view their own beliefs and determine if they are against this symbol of equality called 'healthcare'. Do they want to allow all to be a part of a oneness or do they want to deprive others of something that they feel belongs to them alone. It is irrational, illogical and false those things that are being thrown about but that makes no difference when it comes to emotions. Emotions determine one's barometer of decision and this is the time for deciding. Come along with the tide of oneness or fight one'self to their own demise. These days and times are not like before. There is no historical precedence to look to as this is the end times meaning the end of a world that holds supremacy of any race as acceptable because as a race, a group an individual hold superiority they need others who accept that role to 'play with' and as this worlds inhabitants are feeling their own power come into their bodies, there are fewer and fewer players to be found thus frustrating those who 'hold superiority' within them causing them much dismay and anger (fear) and they are loosing their grip on a reality; the reality is slipping away and that is what is commonly referred to as the end of the world, the end times as it is the end of a reality that has dominated the earth for a very long time and it is being welcomed by many as it is a world of great joy in remembering the equality of all but it is fought against by those who feel acceptance of all and ‘oneness’ is the end of their world……….and it is. The consciousness in the midst of this great shift and as always the consciousness will speak within this ‘healthcare issue’

President Obama is playing this out within peace as he allows the anger to rise he allows the country to see where they want to position themselves and just as he was brought forth to be that symbol of a leader of change he brings forth the pictures and the moments where his voice will declare and announce that regardless of the resistance within this country the world is entering into a new stage of development whereby the face of equality will be introduced. This world IS heralding in PEACE and the foundation of that peace is oneness and no matter what it appears out there in the land of the free where even ridiculous fearful speech is allowed it is truly bringing forth the change so many voted for. The consciousness HAS spoken and the shift from fear to love is entering the globe through the bodies of her inhabitants, one by one as the fear raises it will be expunged and to do so it must be enlivened. It must be expressed for the light is far too bright at this time to hold those fears in the darkness. Those fears are exploding and with every explosion choice is being made and with every choice the world moves closer to the position of support onto love. These times are truly amazing and for those who have already crossed the threshold of peace within they feel the excitement and wonder. Exciting because deep within one who holds peace know even if it is unconsciously that they holds a great power which entices others to join them and that's how 'it works'. In peace one doesn’t feel the need to shout their beliefs or yell at others who do not hold the same opinion. The law of attraction is absolute and to hold peace is to attract peace just as holding fear attracts the same. The numbers within peace are growing and the fear will soon enough sputter and flicker and die as there will not be enough motion and momentum to keep it going. Take heart on this issue where the pictures may confuse you. This is not a game of 'win/lose' this is merely a time of great shift in consciousness where symbols such as healthcare holds a message and memory for those who fight for or against it. It speaks to their cells its symbolism thus allowing each to determine their position within it and the clearest path to deciding anything is simply to hold 'peace' and in that peace nothing else really matters. There is no right or wrong; there is only the choice between love and fear. All else in life is simply a play within those two realities.
We are well aware of the 'stories of the day' seen through the eyes of the vicitm consciousness, how the majority of the population would interpret them. I'd like to present to you the same stories as seen from the perspective of the 'creator consciousness'.