Monday, January 5, 2009

Jett Travolta's Death

Can you give me information about this death? I am just so curious. I've always loved John Travolta and I have heard him speak about how he adored his son. I know everything is for a reason but can you give me some insight.

It is so that everything is of purpose therefore truly there is no such thing as 'tragedy' and in a world seemingly filled with it, to be able to leave behind that perspective is to see the perfection and beauty in all things. This family is a family of presentation meaning that there are literally millions of eyes upon both parents and have been for a long time. In plan when one decides they will
live a role as a presenter to the masses they as well gift the 'audiences' with a specific memory that lives within them and they don't necessarily, in fact almost never KNOW consciously that this is the case. Presenters are simply drawn excitedly to the position that they determined they would be in, in order to present this 'gift' called memory. Within John Travolta’s eyes there is a message that invites those who view his energy/aura to truly lighten up. He is a devout and dedicated entertainer, one that can display perfectly many different emotions but behind them all one can literally feel the joy he holds and it is transferred outwardly within his eyes. His beautiful eyes speak "come play as I do" for there is so much to be said and 'remembered' within the playing that has so often been put aside as the children of the generation he is of has grown within and into their routine struggles. His persona of play and joy has been recognized in all his characters. Even the darkest ones show signs of his sparkle that shines through and it is his eyes that direct and grant memory of this. His eyes are of a beauty within a message that carries through and onto those that view him. As a presenter and actor he has been consistent within his planning to 'play' as that is his very role on earth a 'player' of roles, a presenter to the masses of those roles, yet hidden within him is the memory of his true excitement within this world and his life so blessed (in his view) that he can connect with people and not just a few, he connects with millions and there is no greater satisfaction for him because that is what he came to do, to present to millions the message/memory that life is beautiful, life is playful and it is something that can and may be granted to all. John Travolta KNOWS he is not special on this earth meaning that he KNOWS all are of the sameness as himself, he just does not know the extent of this truth. He 'presents' this to those who view him, giving hope and excitement for the promise and the ability to live life to the fullest; to know the joys of living and to know abundance while playing upon this earth. That has been his task in this lifetime; that has been his plan and design and he has lived it perfectly.
Kelly Preston, John's beautiful wife as well an actor and presenter to the masses holds her implant onto memory as well. She transmits her message to the world within her smile, her mouth. As with her husband she holds an energy within a vibration that speaks to those who view her face and focus within her smile. She presents a calmness even within her dark roles that speaks to the consciousness of the viewer with the simple message that ALL IS WELL. She holds a quiet and comfort about her that invites the viewer to recognize her as purely one of peace. That is her presentation and within that peace she holds great motion/movement and fun. Her roles take her to places that seemingly could be the opposite of peace at times but the peace within her always shines through. The great thing about acting is that no matter what the roles these two play those gifts of both these beautiful souls shines through anyway and their presentations allow for the viewer to be in attraction to their energies and feel the emotions of them. It is the eyes of John and the smile/mouth of Kelly that have been their trademark within the field of presentation. Both carry the implants onto memory to their viewers and both have been enriched by their field of endeavor, their 'jobs' as presenters and their blessed lives within the energy of each other and the souls they brought forth.

Their happiness was thought to be at it's pinnacle when they joined each other’s lives but to their own surprise and delight the birth of their son expanded them into a new dimension. Their hearts were blown wide open when the precious soul named Jett entered. He became for them a presenter himself. He had his father's eyes and his mothers smile and mirrored onto them the joy, the fun the peace that they presented the world. He was for them a one man show of great beauty and love. The vibration this one carried spoke to their very soul of the truth of rebirth, of everlasting life, of the joys of knowing that death is simply a passageway between worlds. They recognized him. He spoke to them of the secrets of the universe that they had always known deep within but not consciously. He affirmed and confirmed their feelings. He assisted both in the expansion of their consciousness and he became and was felt by them as the great teacher he truly was. He was the gift that was promised through agreement and planning by the family he entered into long before he was birthed. He truly was one you could say was in this world but not of it for he cared little of 'things' and more of 'feelings' which enriched his life as he presented this to others. He was literally a 'guide incarnate' to his parents and was in agreement with them as to his brief time on earth and somewhere within them they knew this and tried ever so hard to avoid its inevitability. He was guarded but no man can hold the soul’s moment of release. This child's life was a gift to his parents thusly a gift to the world as his parents are presenters onto the world and his departure will shift and change their energies thus their presentations.
They will mourn their pain and loss for a time in time but they both know that this darling boy would not tolerate such long term sorrow and they will dedicate their lives to him, to his gifting that has become a part of who they are. They are involved with a practice/religion that is closer to the truth than most would like to admit and yet there is far more to the story than the one that was the basis of this religion. Both have wondered and craved at times 'more truth' to be told and that is when/where they will call on their precious Jett to assist them and he certainly will. One need not speak in words nor preach to relay to others truth. Those who are as highly evolved as the parents of this one need only HOLD THE TRUTH and in so doing they present it to others in the form of memory and when memory is touched it is a gift given freely that speaks to the heart of those who receive allowing them to move towards it, to stand still with it or to move away from it but regardless of one's reaction to the gift, the presentation has taken place.

These two actors/presenters are non-controversial to the point where the manner in which they are viewed is without judgments. Yes there have been comments regarding their religious practices but that has not deterred their presentations in this lifetime. They become enlivened and enlarged in vibration towards the presentations of truths that they are only barely touching at this time. They begin to give the mirror onto others of the truth of who they are which really is the memory of who all are. They have both taken themselves in this lifetime to this very moment and place. Their lives as presenters/actors has been the 'set up' for what is to come as they begin to present something truly unimaginable in words and they do so with the assistance of their beloved son who is far more alive at this moment than many who are breathing in flesh; presenting death itself.

So it was of their design, their planning and their desire to live with each other in body, together for a certain amount of time, to recall the purity and love without condition that Jett presented. Their plan is to turn that love onto themselves as he assists because to know that love they feel for him and feel it for themselves is what they came to this earth to do thus turning forth and simply living/presenting that to others who view their faces. It is a magnificent plan, a beautiful journey they take together and apart to assist within the shifting of energies upon the planet.

All are doing their part in and within their own planning and this beautiful family is doing something that may seem larger simply because their presentations are onto a larger audience.

So what may seem tragic at this moment is simply the ongoingness of the planning of this family and therefore could never be tragic. It absolutely brings forth the sorrow and grief that comes with the separation of his body from their own but even and especially that process is assisting in the cleansing of the bodies of his family to elevate them in vibration towards the beauty of a place within the heart that will bring forth a reunion.

In perfect planning he determined he would leave this earth before the establishment of the vibration of 2009 as he felt truly his assistance to this family thus the world would be greater from another realm and so it is.

As Jett's parents hold a focus of millions so do millions hold a focus towards them and in such sweet love and compassion towards this family does the assistance become known to them as their healing is quickened.

No mistakes, no accidents no regrets for all of those things deny the perfection of the creator all are.



Cash Gifting Leads said...

well this is indeed a bad news.

Scott said...

This is a beautiful piece, Katy. Thank you for providing such a wholesome perspective on this situation.

Scott said...

Katy...Do you do private readings? I am interested. Thanks, Scott

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