Friday, October 3, 2008

October 14th Event

September 28, 2008

Can you tell me about an ‘event’ that is suppose to take place on October 14th?

Those who have channeled and announced information about this event feel certain of it, yet their perception is not quite correct. Your 3D reality is based in linear time and on your five senses, including, of course, what you can see with your physical eyes. It is difficult to convey an ‘event’ to you in terms outside of that 3D framework--translating it into 'time', a physical 'view' or picture of what will happen. In our non-physical reality, the ‘result’ of the event is the important thing. The collective consciousness seeks the emotional impact or result of that prophesied event (the lightship sighting). The event itself is not required for the desired emotional impact and result. It is through and within emotion that the human race will change the world, change their consciousness and the REALITY of their lives, individually and collectively. The upshot of this prediction, which will come to pass in other terms, is that of paradigm shattering--the world will be viewed within a brand new framework. For IF such a huge ship were to appear, the whole basis of current 3D reality, for the mass of humanity, would quite literally crumble. Their fears would explode, their emotional bodies would become catatonic and they would lose their very will to live, to maintain or try to maintain the only reality they have ever known. So NO a spaceship of immense proportions will not appear per se in the skies over ‘anywhere’ on October 14th. But again, something is coming up that will AFFECT many millions of the population AS IF IT HAD transpired. All those emotions will begin to be felt by humanity because you are vibrating at a rate and in a frequency that is literally calling for the relinquishment of an old reality, and this will manifest as various probable events. Again, imagine how humanity would FEEL if that event took place. It would affect everyone on the planet, although each would perceive it according to their own consciousness. Imagine that without the literal event itself, the results OF THAT EVENT will manifest in your emotional bodies. That is what humanity is really calling for--not the prophesied event itself. Within your skies are many, many ‘ships’ that hover and move about, assisting in the greatest movement of the planet EVER--A MOVEMENT OF CONSCIOUSNESS. Those ships are invisible unto most eyes. They are not ‘physical’ in your 3D terms. As each ‘body’ rises in vibration, fear is released from the cells. As the body rises it changes dramatically. The shifting that will take place around October 14th is a direct result of the assistance of the ships as they respond to the collective consciousness that is crying out: I DO NOT WANT THIS FEAR THAT LIVES WIHTIN MY BODY. In response to that call, the emotional body is being ‘hit with a vibration’ that will assist in the releasing of that fear, and this requires that the body become enlivened to FEEL those oft-denied "difficult" emotions. That fear has been part and parcel of the emotional body of each person. The emotional body is the key to consciousness; the key to creating, to empowerment, for all CREATE THROUGH EMOTION. The emotional bodies of humanity are being recalibrated into a higher consciousness as they collectively are about to experience a level of fearfulness that would be equivalent to the result of the predicted event. So, although this lightship sighting will not take place LITERALLY, there will be events that will lead to upliftment, but which initially will bring up much fear to be released, and that will collapse the prevailing understanding of reality. Throughout the last few decades, the energies that have been moving into the force field of the planet have been felt by many--of course some more than others--but each time those of you who were capable of it 'rose to the occasion' of a certain energetic ‘invitation’ it brought up surges of angst, fear, discouragement, depression, and the like. This ‘time’ with the opportunity of immense transmutation, there will be an explosive release of those emotions. This ‘event’ could not have taken place even a few months ago because the energies of those called 'lightworkers' were not in place to assist in calming the fears. They are now holding greater understanding and fearlessness--qualities they came to develop so that they could assist at this crucial time. You will come to see that there are MANY in the world whose life’s mission has been to make themselves available at this very ‘time’ to stand in peace as ‘all hell breaks loose.' This will transpire in so many ways that it does no good to speak of any specific scenarios. We tell you whatever you ‘think’ will happen, you might as well forget it, for it is nothing of your history, nothing of your memory. You are all in your perfect position. Your concern is to hold the hands of the fearful, calm the hearts of the anxious and express love unto the unlovable. For many, it would be fearful to view such a predicted sight, but it is even more fearful to hold fear without a ‘reason’ per se.. Now this fear will obviously CAUSE as well as be the RESULT of events--it's the "chicken or the egg" proposition--but the ignition of this fear on a global scale will take place through a collective inner tsunami, and in knowing this, know as well that any and every event, seen or unseen, has been called forth by the prevailing consciousness to bring to the planet an expansion of the power within love. This requires the release of fear and that in turn requires the magnification of fear to its demise. So then our most beloved, we speak to your heart as we remind you of your mission on Earth--to simply hold your light, your peace, your calm, and your joy no matter what is happening around you, as you will build a bridge with others of the same vibration and upon that bridge you will welcome many whose fears will be diminished within your light.

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