Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Bailout

The ‘Bailout’ is such an appropriate word for the closing of an old empire; one in which money has been their very foundation. This bailout currently is in ‘freefall’ as it is allowing the financial powers that be salivate within their determining who/where/when and how this money will be distributed. It currently has no real restrictions as it is being looked to and at and literally being ever so demurely fought for by various factions………….who wouldn’t want to get their hands upon this energy to continue to manipulate the financial world. Is it not ironic that this ‘bailout’ comes at a time when the election is nearing and the old guard is struggling to maintain position? Interestingly there are a number of days after the election that the power shift is still in motion and the scrambling within those days to put this money in places and hands that would surely maintain the consciousness will be obvious and the new administration will curtly come forth to announce their own provisions and policies which will become a struggle unlike even this fight for the election. The purpose of this bailout as well this election co-inciding is purely for the purpose of shedding light onto a world in collapse.

The incredible cry of unfairness within the words of ‘spreading the wealth’ has turned some to feel that statement is socialism which in turn has been branded a dirty word. It is the word that holds a vibration built upon it by those capitalists who have taken that concept to a whole new level. The idea of sharing the wealth is horrifying to those who feel they would have $$ (which is power) taken from them but that will happen, and those who fear loss will create their own fearful displays around them. That said; remember that everyone is their own creator in any/every circumstance. They will invoke the law of attraction to assist within their own fearful notions of the government or anyone else ‘doing something to them” because if one lives believing that someone/some entity is ‘doing something to them’ they relinquish their own power of and as the creator of their lives, their dreams their finances their ‘everything’.

The volume of beliefs within earth’s people that this financial crisis/bailout invokes comes directly from their histories; be it a history in this lifetime or another. The ‘way things are suppose to work’ within the government of this relatively new country, the USA, has been written and replayed like a Hollywood script. There are many many examples to prove how people can lift themselves out of poverty and into wealth thus perpetrating the myth of a capitalistic society being the greatest on earth. The truth is that all/everyone who has indeed come into this country, built a wonderful life from nothing and maintained it to inherit it forward, did so upon their own dreams and beliefs. The county promised wealth, fulfillment and happiness and many firmly BELIEVED THAT INTO EXISTENCE. That still takes place and always will. It is called the law of attraction. There are as well those whose histories have not allowed this type of belief to be experienced and for whatever their own reason they have fulfilled their own prophecies. One cannot MAKE another live the American dream if they do not have any dreams. So the circumstances that arise within this moment of financial crisis allows for the collective to solve it and many will because they will solve their own poverty, their own fears as they begin to gather back onto themselves their own power.

The collective consciousness is built from the ‘majority’ of the individual consciousnesses. A consciousness that has lent their power to anything/anyone especially a government; that believes a government will fix their problems will never know their problems fixed. This is the time on earth for each to stand forth within their own lives/light and begin a journey of hope and love. To say that one person cannot make change on this planet is a sad and misunderstood statement. One life empowered ignites 3 others. It is the way it works. It is energy in motion and it is a timeless experience. It would take NO TIME at all to shift the consciousness forward into a place where money became one’s gift to themselves.

Some say it is a terrible thing to mention fear as though not mentioning it will dissolve it. Quite the opposite is the case. To release fear one must bring it forth, alive and conscious. Fear lives within the cells rattling around showing itself periodically in ways that allow baby steps of transmuting to take place and many have been working with their own fear over the last several decades to the point that they hardly feel much left. The greatest fears held within the consciousness of the world especially the USA is that of MONEY. The very word at time invokes fearful messages. Whatever is left within the body of mankind as a whole regarding money which = power, security, safety etc………. peace is coming forward to wash it away, but this will not happen ‘behind the back of anyone, it will be a conscious declaration that their fear is no longer the holder of their focus, their power.

One need not care if their form of government is called by any name for their form of governing their own life is all that matters. The world’s inhabitants are being called to bring alive within themselves the creator they have always been but have been unconscious to thus becoming ‘conscious creators’. In fear – fear is created. That is why this fear is being called forth. To those who have ‘already gone there’ know that this is your time as well to be anchors, lights and bearers of a silent message through your frequency that speaks to those around you in the calmness of your own energy that fear is leaving the planet as it is leaving the bodies of her inhabitants.

This ‘bailout’ is something that is being worked on behind the scenes by two distinctly different factions’. The ultimate leader of this country speaks not at all publicly in regards to this bailout at least not before this election but is in consortium with those at the highest level within finance and they are quite on top of the planning for the monies that were granted in the form of a bailout. It will not be used to sustain those whose greed created this situation’. They will be quite surprised when they no long hold the power or sway to simply mandate as they have in the past their greed.

So as with most all things of this consciousness including the election and the bailout, the greatest way to bring forth the circumstances that will enhance your life, your dreams your financial situation is to detach from the outside world as being the focus and the truth of your reality. Create your own in the knowing that all is well, all is perfection and that focus will ignite within you the truth of it as it will bring to you the circumstances that you envision. YOU CREATE YOUR REALITY - ALWAYS HAVE ALWAYS WILL. Create in fearful notions of how the economy and the bailout will affect you negatively and you will certainly see it. Create in the peace and KNOWING that you will be unaffected by the fear and loss that surrounds you and you will sail onto a higher vibration and joyful tomorrow. This is not to say you should not express compassion for those around you but don’t forget they are Creators of their own reality and to view them as such, to view their lives as their own created stories is to honor them completely. Everyone is upon the earth in lesson and perhaps each has enough going on in their own world to be fully vested in THEIR LIFE rather than ‘interfere’ into others. Realize that ‘thought’ is the greatest manner of interference into the lives of others; it is called JUDGMENTS and it is very powerful in it’s affect onto not only your life but lives of those that your judgments fall upon. This type of interference shifts the vibration of both the giver and the receiver and does nothing to uplift either.

The ‘bailout’ symbolizes a huge chunk of power (money) up for grabs, up for either maintaining the status quo or revealing a new dichotomy in which 'bailout' becomes a helping hand onto the RECOVERY of a nation and a people who have been battered by the greed of those who they put in place to govern them. All is well within this situation that demands the new guard bring alive the pictures that the electorate has asked them to paint; a picture where this bailout which designates a hand out will be given not to those who unashamedly created the scurrilous damage to the heart of a country that was designed many years ago to hold a hand out in brotherhood/sisterhood to those who came to create a better life.



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Great work, Katy! I would enjoy corresponding with you and can be reached through my blog, which appears quite similar, at Best wishes!

The Dudleys - Craig & Lane said...

keep coming back here for more but there ain't. when do we get more?

We are well aware of the 'stories of the day' seen through the eyes of the vicitm consciousness, how the majority of the population would interpret them. I'd like to present to you the same stories as seen from the perspective of the 'creator consciousness'.