Monday, September 29, 2008

Barack Obama

Barak Obama ~ It is with a heavy heart that this man takes on the trappings of a political process that is flawed beyond anyone's knowing OR imaginings. Let us say that it is no blight upon his heart as he knows and has been shown that this game however filthy, MUST BE played. Barak Obama indeed has a grand mission but that is not to say that Bush or McCain are not playing their roles as well--they are just as grand. They however are merely figureheads for a consciousness process, and represent a way of life that has kept the United States under the thumb of a group which has exerted a level of control that would distress even the hardline conspiracy theorists. These figureheads are being used by the group to maintain the energies of the old world; to uphold and proclaim that world 'real' and continuous, ongoing and powerful. The world that they represent, that energy, vibration and frequency, is a consciousness that is based, laced and founded in FEAR. This male oriented, definitive, aggressive and highly charged controlling energy has permeated politics in the United States. Obama penetrates that energy and to do so he must carry a bit of it himself--there is no other way, for his light must be inserted within that old energy in order to accelerate it. What may be perceived by the outside world as "politics as usual" for this one is definitely a ruse in order to allow him into the consciousness of the political order. His awareness allows for this without tarnishing his spirit, demeanor or his absolute desire to bring alive the energy and vibration that will begin this shift in consciousness. This is tricky, for this consciousness has its own ways and means of actualizing a goal that does not always match one's stated desire. For instance, in the last election, you voted for John Kerry and were devastated that Bush won, yet 'really it was you who won' for what you voted for, what the consciousness voted FOR was not a man--rather it was for dynamic change, a relinquishment of the old tyranny and old energy, BUT Bush needed to be there in the White House for the last four years in order for the these things to come to light. So, in voting for Kerry you consciously believed you were voting for the change you so desired and that would look like him (Kerry) becoming president, but in reality the change you voted for demanded Bush as president to bring about this current debacle, for always it is the consciousness that votes, it is the consciousness that shows forth, and it is obvious now that consciousness is changing. The outer world pictures the collective consciousness, and how could such disgraceful, distasteful magnifications of fear and injustice have come to light and been decried, if the Bush administration had been removed. So then on to Obama. He is representative of a new consciousness that is being formed by the collective. Will he be endeared to the White House in January? Well as you can see, every day gives new evidence of the old order falling. We say simply that it is the consciousness that again, as always, will vote. We cannot make a prediction because we cannot guarantee consciousness, since free will is in play but we can tell you with certainty the direction that your world is taking, and it is ever towards the light. There is a faltering of the previously formidable power that has maintained and conserved the old energy vibration and reality. That world is in its death throes. John McCain has solidly aligned himself with those whose only goal is to maintain the old world. Obama is under powerful protection and he plays his role perfectly, as he must walk a fine line, so that those who are 'on the fence' will not feel threatened. This is a part of the bigger Armageddon, a war within, a war that is played out daily and hourly in this country, a war between the consciousness of fear and that of love, between light and dark. John McCain is a candidate of fear it is that simple, no matter how denied. Barack Obama is a candidate of true change. Sarah Palin was plucked from the obscurity of a state very far from the lower 48 who does not identifywith the consciousness of the US, as the vibration of that land is one in which there truly is no governance of any import; the land itself dictates the consciousness of Alaska as it is so sparsely populated it is not affected by the consciousness of man. The city of Washington DC breeds fear and power, it is of the consciousness that is old and waning. The men that have upheld it are but symbols of a time soon to pass. Barak Obama is not a symbol of corruption and power, greed and fear and he doesn't wear the face of the "old white men" who have perpetrated that consciousness. He walks within a truth that many see, many feel and many fear. He walks into the consciousness and stirs it up asking the citizens how they feel about their lives within a consciousness that wants to conserve the world as it has been: where power over others is seen as the primary barometer of one's worth, where women are absolutely not considered as equal, where greed and corruption hold sway. The founding fathers of the US designed a template whereby freedom of expression was the goal, and as they determined the country's direction of equality, freedom and compassion, the movement began to release from the land itself those energies that denied these aspects of consciousness. What appeared was a history that came from all parts of the world that carried within it a consciousness fear based/male oriented and dominate. That history both hidden and overt began a journey into awareness. What is to change must be acknowledged. So the secrets of a consciousness have been/are being uncovered and are on the table to be dealt with both individually and collectively. As planned, it has taken over two hundred years for those beings who came onto this planet to unveil the dark history of disempowerment, to set the stage for the release of that old consciousness, and make way for the entry of the light. Both singularly and collectively, humankind and especially those of this country have been working towards this day--a day when love takes its rightful place over fear as the motivator of consciousness. This light ignites and spreads across the land and is unstoppable. Beginning in the West, it sweeps like a firestorm, clearing the consciousness to awaken into a new paradigm. Now the fears that Obama is cut from the same cloth as those politicians of the past can be put to rest, as he holds no fear on the cellular level. He is accessible to others from other places and dimensions, and he is guided at each moment. This is something that is quite natural to him--so much that if you asked him whether he had had any otherworldly experiences, he wouldn't understand the question. Just as most people are used to their family and their way of life, he is used to the energies that assist him.Sarah Palin is a token placeholder--a woman USED for her gender above anything else. She appeals to women of the mainstream consciousness, and 48 hours before this choice, McCain still did not know of it, as this was still being worked out by the controllers in charge of coordinating his political moves. All the while, the collective consciousness continues moving towards the shift, that may for many bring up feelings of trepidation and/or impatience, but as the election approaches, have no fear, as you will find your bearings in the moment when you GAUGE YOURSELF as to your place within that consciousness. This presidential election will truly set a new precedent. Ponder that play on words!The election, the vote, the choice is beyond any you have ever made in that you are voting for the actual shifting of the consciousness that has been in progress since the birthing of this great country. Individually and collectively, all of us are moving from victim to creator consciousness, aware and awake and alive within a consciousness that shifts DAILY. Each new change you see is in response to the inner calling of that consciousness.Barak Obama is of an energy unlike those of the Powers That Be, who exist in an "old boys’ world. He speaks more in his silence and demeanor than those who are arrogant about their place in the history of the old order and their "wins" as members of that order. The thing about "winning" is that it means there must be a "loser" who is seen as diminished in the process. The new president will bring to the table the approach of uplifting the other into a place where all win. The great divide within this country is based purely on the consciousness that espouses separation and decries equality, for in oneness and equality, one cannot know power over another. The time has come for the ending of the global consciousness that embraces the love of power, and the beginning of the one that embraces the power of love.Know that Obama is NOT of a consciousness that has been around for a very long time in American history. His is not an energy of control but of empowerment, He is not of the mindset of separation consciousness, rather he is of a collective oneness. He must parade himself as a typical politician to a degree that will keep him in the race but he knows groundedness within the energy of his family--his wife and children. They hold him in the light he is. He puts on an act at times, playing the game that must be played. He is aware of this and it does not diminish him although at times he does find it difficult. So who should one vote for in this election? Some have already chosen, others are still undecided, but in the end it is the collective consciousness that casts the vote. Stay tuned, stay aware and awake as you progress toward one of the greatest moments in the history of Earth, as she is birthing into the light of a new day.Peace
We are well aware of the 'stories of the day' seen through the eyes of the vicitm consciousness, how the majority of the population would interpret them. I'd like to present to you the same stories as seen from the perspective of the 'creator consciousness'.