Saturday, April 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Viagra

It is the ten year anniversary of a little blue pill that revolutionized sex within a population that was feeling that they were no longer in the game. The announcement that there is "still hope" came for those men who had lost the ability to touch a place within themselves that women have led them to. From the view of the consciousness sex states that all are creators but what does it really represent and symbolize?

There is no doubt that the mystery of love and sex have held humanity literally moving on earth. It is the basis for the reality of the planet as it is today. All things of the world’s structure are based upon the uniting of male and female. Like a puzzle that all are looking to solve, they do whatever it takes to join with another of the opposite sex, to know completion. Not a judgment, just a statement of the obvious. Isn’t it worth a deeper look to recognize the incredible dance that is taking place between men and women? A game so ingrained that it is not recognizable as a game, it just is the way it is. What is that relentless, unstoppable, sometimes entirely inappropriate urge to connect and what is the deeper meaning behind it?

Sex is what makes the world go around It is an attraction that has built and destroyed empires, created earth’s inhabitants, been the foundation for economies across the globe, unearthed passions and emotions that have changed the course of world and personal histories, been the maintenance of the world reality and of recent times become a fearful experience that causes disease and death to each and everyone who has expressed, experienced and been deprived of it. So what is it REALLY symbolic of because it is a symbol that ignites with the body some of the strongest urges and motivations. What are people going for in their quest to experience it? Outside of the body it doesn’t exist and each soul on earth does exist outside a body. So we enter onto the planet within the choice of our sex, looking to be fulfilled through and within another who holds an opposite sex. Does a penis crave a vagina? Some may say yes but beyond the body parts it is an energy craving to connect to another energy. The cravings are the same for those who don’t necessarily hold an attraction to the opposite sex, they still hold an attraction to the sexual energy of another.

Assuming there is a fulfillment each desire (although often denied) why is it getting increasingly more difficult to feel fulfilled? As the consciousness is rapidly changing and the world is beginning to view all things differently, one very obvious situation that has been taking place in recent decades is the dissatisfaction within male/female relationships. Why is that? It is because the very energy that each symbolize to one another is only that, a SYMBOL. It is not the real thing it only represents the real thing. There is only one way to know ultimate satisfaction and completion within the marriage of male/female energy and that is to marry those energies within yourself. Does that mean you do not get to have a satisfying relationship including the sex? Absolutely not, in fact that would be the most satisfying of relationships. Each person is attracted to precisely the perfect proportion of energy they lack. Those that are evenly balanced within their energy will attract another that is the same. If one is very male dominant in their energy they will attract someone who holds very female dominant energy, but do not be fooled by appearances. They usually are not correct. The amount of energy one holds of male vs. female is literally within percentages. If a male holds 85% male energy he will attract another who holds 85% female energy. This design, in its perfection, was meant to eventually bring about the marriage of energies which would balance each human being into their perfect position of and as male/female 50/50.
Deep within, although unconsciously, each knows and craves their own balance. So what happens when a male of 85% male energy begins to bring alive within him his own female energy and drops the male to 60%;female 40%. If the partner maintains her position of 85% female an imbalance in their relationship occurs. Thus what we are seeing today, humanity is going for balance which is why breaking up is becoming more common than staying together. and unrest within relationships is almost a worldwide phenomenon.
A man or a woman will crave something that he or she believes only the gender of their attraction will provide them, so they continues to look for that satisfaction not knowing it only can be fulfilled within. They crave the sex that is symbolic of the opposite energy, continuing to look outside themselves for the energy the other person represents.
Male energy (men) represent strength, power, security, safety etc all things that each human carries within themselves.
Female energy (women) represents beauty, nurturance, peace, and comfort etc, all things that each carries within themselves as well.
Male energy symbolizes the mind; female the heart. Male energy (mind) has dominated the world and now female energy (heart) is taking its place front and center.
So as women look to men to balances themselves they may have an easier time of accessing male energy through sex.
In same sex relationships the participants will attract the approprate percentage of male or female energy relative to the percentage they possess, whether they are male or female themselves.

Men still crave this energy even as their bodies may fail them, thus the little blue pill has entered the consciousness symbolizing the awareness of an urgency towards sexual energy (balance) even when the body can no longer functions to this end. It keeps them in the game of looking for the balance.
Within two decades it will be very obvious that having sex, one balanced human being with another balanced human being will not only be the greatest sex one can have, it will in and of itself allow the body to function perfectly.
The consciousness of humanity is changing as it goes from victim to creator and to access the power of the creator all are, they must be balanced within their own male/female energy. It is just the beginning of a life of great expression within many areas of one’s life including sex, because it will be more of an expression of love than an urgency of fulfillment that last momentarily.

Procreation is of another energy entirely that is in the calling of the soul who has determined their moment of entrance. The mother and father have already, in planning, agreed to this child(ren) and the soul(s) entering and have determined the circumstances within the sexual uniting. For every soul who enters this planet there is a specific and unique merging of energies in recognition of a perfect union no matter what appears.

Viagra speaks to men their ability to continue to search for the fulfillment within sex that represents their own fulfillment. For women it is either a gift of passion within a balanced union or a gift they would rather not have, as it represents their own imbalance.

It is within the male species that the craving for their female energy is greater and soon the world will begin to view the beauty of a balanced male who has no problem whatsoever expressing his female energy.

The 'Blue' color of this pill speaks of the Maleness that comes alive at birth when baby boys were considered to live within ‘blue’ separating them from their ‘pink’ counterparts. This has become yet another distinction of separation, that of color pink and blue. It has remained for eons of time the beginning of separation of self, symbolized by the separation of boys and girls and it is coming to an end.
We are well aware of the 'stories of the day' seen through the eyes of the vicitm consciousness, how the majority of the population would interpret them. I'd like to present to you the same stories as seen from the perspective of the 'creator consciousness'.