Saturday, March 15, 2008


  • Eliot Spitzer's Fall from Grace

    This scandal literally begs for any observer to profoundly judge the situation because after all in a consciousness of ‘victim’……….victims are everywhere within the story. But when looking at it from another perspective the story is far more intriguing. To realize that all ‘victims’ are creators puts a new spin on things.

    Eliot Spitzer~ let’s start with the main player, the governor of New York State. What a profound man of morality he has presented himself to be. Someone who has worked diligently to get the bad guys and give to the people of that state a feeling of vindication and help remove them from the state of victimization at the hands of those powerful ones who swindle and get away with it. It gives the common man a sense of glee to see the big guys fall, again easing their sense of victim status. But without victims let’s see what Governor Spitzer was doing in this position and what he is now presenting.
    At a very young age this one was given a role model to emulate, his father. He idolized his father and as long as he did so he was motivated to become him but something shifted within him as he seemed to surpass him. The motivation that lived within him for most of his life was gone and he turned his attention in a different direction. He is very common of most men who are graced with a position where others rely on them to be a compass for their own morality, their own beliefs as he was the personification of one who created a picture to the outer world that reflected his belief system. Now keep in mind that he as well as all are ‘given’ a belief system. It is inherited and it is nurtured in childhood. Good bad or otherwise one’s belief system is the foundation from which they build their lives. His belief system was one that stated that at all cost the outer picture must be perfect and he knew exactly what that meant. His own family portrayed it to a tee. There were many secrets as well lies and deceit within his family of birth and that as well he inherited although unconsciously. He became his father quite literally as he lived the secrets that were handed down to him; the secrets that have come to light of late that have slashed and crippled him and his pretty family picture.

    So if he is the creator, why did he do this to himself? Why did he humiliate himself and destroy his family, loosing position and credence in a world where all of that is so important? He is living in a time when he is literally assisting others to take their faith and their attention off the outer world. He is assisting the world to a place of reminding the world at large to stop looking outside themselves for the heroes that live within. He is not the first nor will he be the last within this time on earth to be one of great power to fall. Recently several men who preach and teach morality in the church setting has shown the world their infallibility having disgraced themselves and although they have no idea within their conscious mind why and how this could have happened to them, they are part of a system designed to eradicate the belief that truth and power, direction and peace live outside of oneself, perhaps onto a leader.. As the voices who scream ‘God’s’ words, the voices of morality and judgments are silenced by their own falling, more and more do they speak to the hearts of man to turn in a new direction and devotion of power. Within the body of all lives a power that rises as the attention so easily given to one who commands it is withdrawn. It is ‘attention’ that magnifies power and to give it to oneself is to magnify it within.

    The wife ~ A woman of beauty, ambition and brilliance has felt for a very long time that she is going in a direction that is killing her………….killing her spirit but as well she felt that there was absolutely nothing she could do about it for she long ago gave her voice over to her husband. She felt from her belief system that to have a husband so prominent, she must devote her life to the cause; his cause and she, although appearing to be of the new generation of powerful women kept her own secret fear of standing alone. This is a common and very powerful motivation in holding on to a place, a standing so very far outside oneself and it can literally destroy them. She portrays a woman of her day who is caught between the old and the new. She is a bridge onto her daughters and has called to this moment when/where she can leave behind a life that has been so devastating to her and not only that she called for the utter support and love that will flow her way. She has been caught like so very many between a world of survival and world of joy; a world of the outer and a world of the inner. To walk away from all that which seemed so wonderful, that her mind told her was fantastic and yet her heart told her was so vacant of joy seemed an impossibility to her………..but no longer.

    This couple rattle in their own fear as this life they knew is now history. She may look as the ultimate victim but even she knows better because as devastating as this is to her entire system and reality she has longed for the opportunity to renew herself within her own love. And she as the creator set this up to do just that.

    The public ~
    To agree to and live as a ‘public person’, what one really does is they allow their life to be a big fat presentation to the world. They allow their life to present to others their own beliefs and at this moment in history and consciousness they are brave indeed. This story speaks to the public mass judgments and the consciousness of victim is nothing BUT judgments, so it allows everyone who even hears the story to go into the judgments OR not. If one maintains a reality of judgment they hold themselves apart from the truth which is that each and every human on the planet is the creator and has designed their life and trials and joys and pain to be a part of the learning process which will take them from victim to creator. This story allows the viewer to see it as either a story written and expressed within a consciousness of victim or a consciousness of creator, It simply tells them which consciousness they tend to live within.

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