Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Economy

There is a reason that the economy is at the center of attention at this time. History is entering a place of great change and this change in history simply means it is not repeating itself.

The United States appears to be shifting from how it has been viewed within the world’s vision in its mere 200 years of existence. It has certainly risen to the heights of power over those that have been plugging along for centuries. It was a light and a projection of perfection that shone across the globe as the land of freedom, opportunity, compassion and desire in living. It was birthed within the passion for equality, peace and self dignity. It was an idea and an ideal that was presented to the world as the greatest place on earth; a place that allowed any and all the opportunity to rise from the depths of despair and poverty to riches and respect. The land of the free, home of the brave and the great American story is one that involves the rags to riches scenario which has more to do with the economy than bringing one up into a realm of self adoration, self worth, self respect, self accomplishment. For all barometers within the American dream are the measurements of one’s economic situation, simply put, one’s bank account. One’s bank account defines them greatly in America, that’s just the truth of it. What the founding fathers lived for was the building of a country where freedom could reign and it never fully has in this country because freedom of expression without prejudice is still an American dream. Can we really express ourselves without the fear of judgments not just from our immediate circle but from a world at large? The correlation between ones ability to express and their bank account is real. Money is a symbol on earth. It is a symbol of power and freedom and it is a symbol of the American dream. The symbol of money is laced with so many and varied energies, the largest of which is POWER. In every nation on earth money is woven within the culture as a degree of power but nowhere on earth is money so powerful and has played such a role onto power as in the United States of America. From its birth over two centuries ago it has been the most powerful Nation because of its great and glorious economic strength. Its economy equaled its strength and something is happening at this time that is shifting its power within the world and it is happening from within.

Singularly and collectively the population of the US is being pushed to examine their beliefs about money for they very much define who they believe themselves to be based on the money they have. As this is taking place there is a great deal of fear rising which is affecting the economy. One cannot express themselves and live in freedom until they deal with issues that surround money. This, which is as appearing as the economy coming into crisis, is a direct result of the consciousness of the country as more and more individuals are coming into their own individual crisis.

The US and her economy have been the Gold Standard for the rest of the world for a very long time but the US has brought about this crisis because of the imbalance that the US has created within the world. It is a nation of great greed and arrogance. Her government has been a deceiver to the nations of earth but more so to her own people.

The consciousness is beginning to speak out not in words so much but in the results of its changing. What once was believed to be the greatest nation on earth is showing its true colors to the world and the world is responding. Just as no one can ever take your power unless you agree to give it, the nations of earth have over time given their power to this nation as she symbolized to them something that was pure in its promise of freedom but has showed itself to be a great fraud. For every dime it has spent on what is called foreign aid, there is a differential that far exceeds that blessed gesture that goes into the pockets of the corrupt of government and corporate elite. What has been suspected for decades by the public at large is coming to light as the consciousness demands it. The United States is beginning to loose its power in the world and that takes place as she looses her strength within the financial world and that takes place as from within this country the people begin to view their own personal fear within the symbol of money. As one holds fear within money they deny the truth that they are the creator of their financial situations. To awaken that truth there must be a crumbling of the consciousness that has maintained it, victim consciousness. So the economy is crumbling from deep within the consciousness as every display you will ever witness comes from within the consciousness.

As those who want to conserve the financial status quo, namely the conservatives, scream and shout their denial of the economy crumbing, those who desire to bring about an end to the debauchery that has plagued the consciousness of the United States for over half of its existence quietly work to uplift their own personal lives.

To say the United States is the greatest nation on earth is to say that other nations are not. To say we are the greatest people is to say other peoples are not. That goes against the vision of a land where all people are created equal. The superiority of the nation that was founded on equality has reached its peak and it is being redesigned from within the consciousness that speaks of the human family, the human heart.

The United States more than any other nation on earth has debased and denied the very foundation of this country’s birthing. It has turned into a place where the rich hold power and in holding that power they have become richer and more powerful. Money is what is shifting at this time in its position of power and fear is beginning to rise and claim hold onto those who have denied themselves their prosperity. They will do so until they release the old consciousness of victim that lives within them and embrace their power. There is a new day on the horizon of this beautiful country but before we see it fully manifest, an old world and an old consciousness, just as old money, must fall.

The economy is in a state of chaos and will remain so until a shift in consciousness is experienced. This unrecognized movement is quite recognizable by its results. Perhaps you can’t see the utter disgust, disregard and distrust that the majority of people in the US have for a government that has allowed the people who are suppose to own it become so distanced from it. You will see it in the results that begin to destroy it from within. The consciousness of the people speaks as it always has and it is speaking its unwillingness to continue to live within the fraud they feel their government is.

The collapse of the economy is really the collapse of the way the government of the US has been doing business and that is at the will of the people. Fear of money issues must be released in order to hold the power of the creator consciousness that is descending upon the planet. Those fears are rising within the consciousness of the world because fear must be released in order for this new consciousness to express itself. Since fear must go, what better way to bring it forth for its relinquishment than within the individual? It is individuals who make up the collective to which this fear money holds speaks to. It must start within each person.

When you hear the 'bad news' about the economy, know that it is the beginning of the end of a world and government that has been false. It is collapsing to be rebuilt in a new consciousness and a new order where money is no longer the symbol of power over others; rather it becomes a symbol of abundance and joy. Money becomes a gift you give to yourself as only the creator can. As the creator of your life you know it as a gift but within a consciousness of victim, it is the greatest symbol of fear and survival. As one shifts their consciousness, they shift their symbols.


Saturday, March 15, 2008


  • Eliot Spitzer's Fall from Grace

    This scandal literally begs for any observer to profoundly judge the situation because after all in a consciousness of ‘victim’……….victims are everywhere within the story. But when looking at it from another perspective the story is far more intriguing. To realize that all ‘victims’ are creators puts a new spin on things.

    Eliot Spitzer~ let’s start with the main player, the governor of New York State. What a profound man of morality he has presented himself to be. Someone who has worked diligently to get the bad guys and give to the people of that state a feeling of vindication and help remove them from the state of victimization at the hands of those powerful ones who swindle and get away with it. It gives the common man a sense of glee to see the big guys fall, again easing their sense of victim status. But without victims let’s see what Governor Spitzer was doing in this position and what he is now presenting.
    At a very young age this one was given a role model to emulate, his father. He idolized his father and as long as he did so he was motivated to become him but something shifted within him as he seemed to surpass him. The motivation that lived within him for most of his life was gone and he turned his attention in a different direction. He is very common of most men who are graced with a position where others rely on them to be a compass for their own morality, their own beliefs as he was the personification of one who created a picture to the outer world that reflected his belief system. Now keep in mind that he as well as all are ‘given’ a belief system. It is inherited and it is nurtured in childhood. Good bad or otherwise one’s belief system is the foundation from which they build their lives. His belief system was one that stated that at all cost the outer picture must be perfect and he knew exactly what that meant. His own family portrayed it to a tee. There were many secrets as well lies and deceit within his family of birth and that as well he inherited although unconsciously. He became his father quite literally as he lived the secrets that were handed down to him; the secrets that have come to light of late that have slashed and crippled him and his pretty family picture.

    So if he is the creator, why did he do this to himself? Why did he humiliate himself and destroy his family, loosing position and credence in a world where all of that is so important? He is living in a time when he is literally assisting others to take their faith and their attention off the outer world. He is assisting the world to a place of reminding the world at large to stop looking outside themselves for the heroes that live within. He is not the first nor will he be the last within this time on earth to be one of great power to fall. Recently several men who preach and teach morality in the church setting has shown the world their infallibility having disgraced themselves and although they have no idea within their conscious mind why and how this could have happened to them, they are part of a system designed to eradicate the belief that truth and power, direction and peace live outside of oneself, perhaps onto a leader.. As the voices who scream ‘God’s’ words, the voices of morality and judgments are silenced by their own falling, more and more do they speak to the hearts of man to turn in a new direction and devotion of power. Within the body of all lives a power that rises as the attention so easily given to one who commands it is withdrawn. It is ‘attention’ that magnifies power and to give it to oneself is to magnify it within.

    The wife ~ A woman of beauty, ambition and brilliance has felt for a very long time that she is going in a direction that is killing her………….killing her spirit but as well she felt that there was absolutely nothing she could do about it for she long ago gave her voice over to her husband. She felt from her belief system that to have a husband so prominent, she must devote her life to the cause; his cause and she, although appearing to be of the new generation of powerful women kept her own secret fear of standing alone. This is a common and very powerful motivation in holding on to a place, a standing so very far outside oneself and it can literally destroy them. She portrays a woman of her day who is caught between the old and the new. She is a bridge onto her daughters and has called to this moment when/where she can leave behind a life that has been so devastating to her and not only that she called for the utter support and love that will flow her way. She has been caught like so very many between a world of survival and world of joy; a world of the outer and a world of the inner. To walk away from all that which seemed so wonderful, that her mind told her was fantastic and yet her heart told her was so vacant of joy seemed an impossibility to her………..but no longer.

    This couple rattle in their own fear as this life they knew is now history. She may look as the ultimate victim but even she knows better because as devastating as this is to her entire system and reality she has longed for the opportunity to renew herself within her own love. And she as the creator set this up to do just that.

    The public ~
    To agree to and live as a ‘public person’, what one really does is they allow their life to be a big fat presentation to the world. They allow their life to present to others their own beliefs and at this moment in history and consciousness they are brave indeed. This story speaks to the public mass judgments and the consciousness of victim is nothing BUT judgments, so it allows everyone who even hears the story to go into the judgments OR not. If one maintains a reality of judgment they hold themselves apart from the truth which is that each and every human on the planet is the creator and has designed their life and trials and joys and pain to be a part of the learning process which will take them from victim to creator. This story allows the viewer to see it as either a story written and expressed within a consciousness of victim or a consciousness of creator, It simply tells them which consciousness they tend to live within.

Sunday, March 9, 2008


'The Consciousness is 'Changing'......That statement has made its way into the mainstream over the past few decades, but what does it mean? Certainly our concept of the nature of Consciousness is changing in the world of science. Physicists are exploring the implication of what they refer to as Quantum Consciousness....Leading edge Quantum Physists are theorizing Consciousness can have a profound influence upon what we call reality. Check out Lynne McTaggart's book 'The Intention Experiment' where she demonstrates through repeated "scientific experiments" how one can change reality through their thoughts and intentions. CREATOR CONSCIOUSNESS - My blog will present a point of view from a Consciousness that is simply 'other than' the world's present view. It is opposite of victim consciousness; it is Creator Consciousness....Something that lives within all of us waiting to be awakened. The outer world we view can be called 'victim consciousness' since most of this earth believe that the world comes AT US.....virtually keeping us in a state of fear. Creator Consciousness states our world/reality comes FROM US.
The Collective Consciousness is the group consensus that we have agreed or accepted on a specific reality....But more and more people are leaving that place of fear to gain access to the creator consciousness that lives within.
CREATOR CONSCIOUSNESS is an expression of a consciousness that views the world from a place of individual and collective power that is at work and alive regardless if it is perceived and/or accepted.

Every family, group, business, institution, town, city, state, country and the world hold a specific consciousness that has been created over time and held together through agreement of its members. Throughout time many people have left and are leaving those ‘established’ realities because they simply don’t bring about a natural inherent joy and contentment.

We are now at the threshold of a new consciousness, one that is rejecting the current one which is dictated by the outer world. We stand here today before the greatest leap in consciousness this planet has ever taken. Collectively we enter a consciousness that awakens within and speaks from our hearts.

This new state of consciousness calls to the hearts of others to join and express their true nature and live without fear. This is the same fear that has been the glue of the world consciousness that we were born into. It is impossible to view the world news headlines without witnessing the effects of a fear based consccousness.

Everyone alive holds availability to their own ‘Inside Consciousness’. A consciousness that speaks from the heart, that holds no fear, that reminds them of their beauty and promise and dreams.

I have tapped into my own inner consciousness to bring forth the words, concepts, and insights onto that place....and present to you another way of viewing alternative to 'victim consciousness.' and fear based rational.

Enjoy......... and I encourage you to please offer your own comments or questions. I will be happy to respond from a consciousness............called Creator.
We are well aware of the 'stories of the day' seen through the eyes of the vicitm consciousness, how the majority of the population would interpret them. I'd like to present to you the same stories as seen from the perspective of the 'creator consciousness'.